10 Creative Kids Party Activities that are Perfect for Loot Bags


February 10, 2015

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Kids goody bags tend to be the usual end of party expectation these days, but it’s often an added expense and hassle to put them together. Why not turn a fun kids party idea into the loot bag? We have 10 Creative Kids Party Activities that are Perfect for Loot Bags, giving each child a keepsake to take home once the party is over.

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#1. Mini pot of play dough or slime

Children love mess! Follow these simple recipes for homemade play dough or slime that each child can take home!

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#2. Homemade Cookie or Cupcake.

Depending on how long your party is going to be, you could prepare the cookie or cupcakes in advance and have a decorating session during the party. Or turn it into a longer activity and get the kids to help with the baking too.


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#3. Potted Plant

You could extend this into a longer party activity by buying clay pots and letting each child decorate their pot before they plant their seeds. Or if you want to keep it simple, give each child a paper cup and let them fill it with potting soil before adding a sunflower seed.

Planting Seeds

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#4. Reusable Tote Bag

Children will love these individual bags and can put their own style on their bag using fabric paint or pens. Add extra bling with badges or get them to sew on buttons.

Decorated Tote Bags


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#5. Fun handmade photo frame.

Make a fun photo frame from lollypop sticks, glue and cute accessories. Add a card backing to hold the photo in place. We love the ideas and designs on Trendymods.

If you have a polaroid camera get each child to pose with the birthday boy or girl and have a fun photo to add to their frame.

Lolly Pop stick Photo Frame


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#6. Loom Bands

Boys and Girls love loom bands and they can be turned into amazing creations with a bit of imagination! Sure to keep them entertained for hours, and they get to take home what they create.

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#7. Tie Dye Socks.

You will need coloured dyes, cotton socks and elastic bands for this one. Dye the socks and each child can take them home in a sealed bag to wash out the next day.

Find out how to Tie Dye Socks on our Fun St Partick’s Day Crafts article. For a more simple approach, use acrylic paint and follow the instructions on Justbehappylife

Tie Dye Socks


#8. Sun Catcher.

The is a great art and craft activity for all ages. You can create a very simple sun catcher with 2 squares of clear, sticky backed book covering, coloured tissue paper or cellophane sweet wrappers. Peel backing on bottom sheet and stick on your paper, once happy with the design remove backing from the top sheet and place on top to hold everything in place.

Or for something a bit more advanced, Babble Dabble Do has this fab cosmic sun catcher.

Sun Catcher


#9. Sock Puppet.

Create a sock puppet to take home. With the popularity of the movie Frozen, this adorable Olaf Sock Snowman from One Creative Mommy is sure to be a hit with the kids this year. All you will need are socks(any size will do), glue, sticky backed felt, rice to fill the body, and elastic bands to help Olaf hold his shape. Younger kids will probably needs some help with the glueing.

Sock Puppet


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#10. Canvas Paintings

Let each child create their own work of art to take home. Most discount stores now stock inexpensive canvas’s that can be used for this activity. To cut down on the mess I have a paint brush for each colour paint rather than for each child.

If the weather is good you could do this activity outside. Choose a theme or get the children to do portraits of each other or just let their imagination run wild!

Canvas Painting heart

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Have you any great activity ideas that work as party bags? Please share them in the comments box below.

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