St Patrick’s Day Jokes for Kids That Guarantee a Giggle (or Groan!)

St patrick's day jokes

Your little leprechauns will absolutely love to have a good giggle with these hilarious (and groan-worthy!) St Patrick’s Day jokes.

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Leprechauns, rainbows and a little bit of Irish humour all come together in these fun St Patrick’s Day jokes for kids. These are also a great way to brighten up a lunchbox in the run up to March 17th.

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Hilarious St Patrick’s Day Jokes

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Q: What kind of bow can’t be tied?
A: A rainbow!

Q: What do leprechauns like for breakfast?
A: Lucky Charms

Q: What do you call a fake Irish stone?
A: A sham-rock!

Q: When is an Irish potato not an Irish potato?
A: When it’s a French fry!

Q: How can you spot a jealous shamrock?
A: He’s green with envy!

Q: Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover?
A: You don’t want to press your luck!

Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St Patrick’s Day?
A: Because real rocks are too heavy!

Q: What do you call an Irish spider?
A: Paddy Long Legs

Q: Why do leprechauns recycle?
A: They like to go green!

Q: Where can you always find gold?
A: In the dictionary!

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