Things To Do With Pre-Schoolers in Meath

 Finding ideas and things to do with young children can be tough going, especially if you’re new to an area or it’s your first child.  Here are some ideas of things to do with preschoolers in Meath to get you started.

PLAYPlaygrounds are always a big hit with toddlers and most playgrounds around Meath have a separate area for toddles, which include swings and slides and play frames.  It’s also a great way to get out for some fresh air and exercise and there’s always the chance of meeting other parents with young children.  Another big benefit is that all the running around will tire them out, so they’ll be ready for a nap when you get home.

If the weather is too miserable to venture outdoors to play, then why not visit your local Play Centre?  All the play centres have the added benefit of having a café area so you can have a coffee or lunch while you’re there.  Many of them also run special Baby/Toddler mornings – again, it’s an ideal opportunity to meet other parents of young kids.

Swimming is another fun activity and some pools offer special sessions or classes aimed specifically at parents and toddlers.

Also check out what is on in your local library – did you know that many branches offer Parent & Toddler morning meetings or storytime for under sixes?

If you’d like to meet other parents in your area, then check out a local Parent & Baby/Toddler Group. They meet weekly in most towns around Meath.  Another option is to enrol your child in a class such as the ones provided by Gymboree.  There are some more ideas here.

mum playing with childIf you have a free day mid week a big advantage with getting out and about with preschoolers is that you can visit places at “off peak” times when older children are at school and popular places aren’t as busy!

You could get out and about for a walk. Check out our Family Walks in Meath  and Picnic Spots in Meath for inspiration.

We also have some ideas for entertaining preschoolers at home on our Things to Do Section.

If you have any other ideas for entertaining preschooler in Meath, please share them with us in the comments box below.

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