20 Top Travel Hacks to Make Holidaying with Kids Easier

Jill Holtz

June 15, 2015

Travel Hacks

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It’s family holiday time. You’re packing and packing (and packing), and have a heap of things to remember and do before you head off. Here are 20 top travel hacks to make holidaying with kids easier:

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#1. Take a Couple of Empty Water Bottles

You can fill it up after you get through security to save buying bottled water.

#2. Keep Essentials in your Carry on

Just in case your checked luggage goes astray, keep toothbrushes, spare pants and pyjamas/nighties in the carry on luggage for the kids. It will mean you can at least put them to bed in comfort.

#3. Never Pack Favourite Cuddly Toys in Checked Luggage

I repeat, NEVER PACK FAVOURITE CUDDLY TOYS IN CHECKED LUGGAGE. I stupidly did this with my daughter’s (aged 3 at the time) favourite cuddly night time guys, thinking that because we were only taking 1 direct flight there would be no problem. Of course when we arrived, it turned out the case hadn’t flown with us, so we had no cuddly toys for bedtime…

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#4. Fill your Shoes/Boots

Stuff socks and underwear into your shoes and boots as this will take up less space in your case as well as using the “room” in the shoes.

#5. Use buttons for earrings

We love this idea from the Z88.3 Facebook page, using buttons for holding earrings when travelling.


One commenter also added that they used a giant safety pin threaded through all the buttons and pinned to the lining of their case.

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#6. Add a Ribbon to the Handle of your Suitcase

So many cases look the same, if you knot a colourful piece of ribbon around your case handle, you’ll spot it much more easily when it comes onto the carousel.

ribbon on suitcaes


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#7. Use OK Maps to save Google Maps offline

Type in your destination, zoom in to the map you want to save, then type OK Maps and you will be able to save the map for offline viewing

#8. Use Glasses Cases for Charger Cables

It’s hard to stop cables tangling in your case or carry on, so use a glasses case and pop the charger cable into that.

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#9. Wrap your Hair Straighteners in a Pot Holder

Great idea from YourCreativeJuices, a pot holder is ideal for wrapping up your hair straighteners or curling iron in for travel.

travel hacks

#10. Use a Bulldog Clip to Cover your Razor

It stops your blades falling off the razor head and keeps it safe in your toiletries bag

#11. Use Cling Film to Help Avoid Spills

Put a bit of cling film before you put your toiletry cream or shampoo lid on and it will help avoid spills.

travel hacks


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#12. Use the USB on the TV as an Extra Charger

If you forget to bring a charger plug, just use the USB port on the TV to charge smartphones/devices.

#13. Take a Photocopy of Passports and Travel Insurance

Tuck in a photocopy of your passport photo pages plus travel insurance inside a suitcase separate from your documents, that way if anything gets stolen you have your details quickly to hand.

#14. Tuck in Some Fold up Shopping Bags

I always pack 2 or 3 extra fold up shopping bags. They are great for throwing into your handbag or beach bag when heading to the pool or beach for wet swimsuits or beach shoes or even for grocery shopping.

#15. Turn a DVD Case into a Colouring Case

This is a great idea from Handmade by Stacy, turning an old DVD case into a cool colouring case.

travel hacks

#16. Bring a Night Light

Tuck a small night light into your suitcase for bedtime away from home if your child is anxious.

#17. Bring Favourite Games or Jigsaws in Ziploc Bags

We bring Rummikub away with us in a big ziploc bag instead of its box. And when the girls were younger we used to bring favourite jigsaws in different bags to play with when we were away.

#18. Keep Your Smartphone Dry Near Water

Use a ziploc bag to take your smartphone to the beach or pool to keep it nice and dry.

#19. Use Medical ID Bracelets

If someone in your family has a pre-existing medical condition, then taking medical ID bracelets saves taking their medical records.

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#20. Tuck in Ziploc Bags if at a Buffet Breakfast

I always take a plastic bag in my handbag if we are staying somewhere with a buffet breakfast and I take a few extra pieces of fruit, rolls or croissants and some slices of cheese and ham. This will give you a head start on lunch for the kids.

Over to you now! Do you have a good tip for a travel hack? Share it with us in the comments below.

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