6 Simple Travel Tips for Making Travelling With Kids a Breeze


June 29, 2017

family travel with kids

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Are you daunted by the prospect of travel with kids? Do you get stressed just thinking about all there is to organise? Well let us relieve your stress with 6 Simple Travel Tips for Making Travelling with Kids a Breeze:

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#1. Use Tech For the Journey

travel with kids tech

I know we are always trying to cut down on tech time but when travelling with kids, I think you are justified in resorting to tech to amuse kids of all ages.

Thanks to the sheer number of child friendly apps, books, podcasts and games available to download, when you travel with kids now, it means you don’t have to jam-pack your carry on bags with toys and games to amuse.

By all means pack a book or for older kids maybe a journal and pen so they can document their trip and look back on their musings in later years.

#2. Label Favourite Items Before You Travel With Kids

travel with kids

Putting labels on favourite items can help easily identify everything from bags on the carousel, to towels and clothing piled together at kids club and more precious items like irreplaceable teddies or blankies, sunglasses and cameras, books and tech items that you may leave behind on planes, trains, buses, boats or at restaurants.

Be sure to include a telephone number to help any misplaced items make their way back to you! And think of the security you have at busy terminals where, if you become separated from your child, they have your number on their items, so you can be reunited quickly.

Of course the added benefit is that once you are back home the items are already labelled for the after-school activities during the year ahead.

#3. Get Kids to Help Plan The Trip

travel with kids help plan

More a tip for older children, but getting their input on everything from where you go to planning what to do when you arrive at your destination will make it a holiday to remember.

And you never know, you may end up finding a new hobby you never thought of doing before as they book you into SUPB (stand up paddle boarding) classes, pony trekking, hiking or snorkeling!

#4. Be Prepared When Travelling with Kids

travel with kids be prepared

Here’s my essentials list for packing:

  • medicines for ear aches and fever
  • cups with lids to avoid spills
  • ear plugs to combat ear aches by helping with pressure on planes
  • baby wipes to wipe down hands, surfaces and clean any messes up quickly
  • healthy snacks so you don’t have hyper kids fuelled up on sugar alone
  • a change of clothes for all travellers

Packing these essential items in your carry on luggage can be the difference between stress and calm no matter what mode of transport you’re travelling by.

And if the worst happens, and your luggage is delayed, having these items to hand means you can at least get settled in without having to try and find a pharmacy, food or clothing store during your first hours at your holiday destination.

#5. Leave Time When Travelling with Kids

travel with kids family at airport security

Everything takes longer when you travel with kids. it’s a mystery why, but it just does. So make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

Plan in toilet breaks, even for short trips by car, time for browsing at the airport, train or ferry terminal shops and time to re-fuel with food before boarding.

Airports and other travel hubs are particularly busy during peak school holiday times and the last thing you want is to be that family running wildly down corridors before the doors of your plane/train/bus/ferry close and you have an expensive bill for re-booking to get to your chosen destination. Or you make the plane/train/bus/ferry but you are all so stressed and upset that the journey is a nightmare for you and your fellow passengers!

#6. Be Organised for Travel with Kids

travelling with kids

I know this may sound obvious, but when travelling with kids, it pays to be organised.

  • For instance when was the last time you looked at the passports? Kids’ passports have a much shorter lifespan than adults and those dates can sneak up on you before you realise.
  • And have you printed out boarding passes and done your online check-in?
  • Have you booked seats together?
  • If you are hiring a car, do you know where to go when you land and have you got your driver’s licence?
  • Make sure you’re covered for driving in Europe – not all car insurance policies cover driving in other countries
  • Or if travelling by public transport do you know the times and how to find your chosen mode of transport?
  • Have you got some currency for the country you are travelling to? And cleared your credit card so you have a back up.
  • Have you packed too much or too little?
  • Do you know what the kids have packed? And have you checked their hand luggage for banned items!
  • Have you printed or saved accessible copies of your insurance details, accommodation booking details, transfer bookings, contact details for any agents you have used?
  • Finally have you downloaded e-books, games and apps for happy travel with kids?

The lists can seem endless but by being organised before you embark on your trip can save stress levels and the blame game while you travel with kids.

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Over to you now, have you any handy tips for travelling with kids that we have not mentioned? Tell us in the comments box below. 

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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