12 Top Tips for Going to a Festival with Kids

Kellie Kearney

June 1, 2021

going to a music festival with kids

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Some might think you must be mad heading to a festival with your family especially if you have small kids but, in reality, it’s not as crazy as you might think. Most festivals nowadays cater well for children, offering fun activities to keep them entertained while you can enjoy some of your favourite music.

Here are my 12 Top Tips for Going to a Festival with Kids:

Tips for Going to a Festival with Kids

As well as my tips below, these are a few handy other things to bring along:

  • A torch will be handy at night or maybe even a solar-powered lantern.
  • Solar fairy lights to put up at your tent, it makes a welcome sight when you come back.
  • If you have one put up a big flag or bunting by your tent so you can spot it easily when you’re going to and fro.
  • Bring a fully charged power bank phone charger or two.

#1. Ear Defenders

ear defenders

Investing in good quality ear defenders for small kids are an absolute must. Children’s ears are pretty sensitive and prolonged exposure to loud music at family festivals could lead to permanent damage.

#2. Safety

When you arrive at the festival sit down with the kids and explain to them how to cope if they find themselves lost at any point. Show them what festival stewards are wearing or like me, tell them to approach a mother with young children to help them if they are lost.

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#3. Identification

Identification tags are a must when out and about at any time. Using their wristband write your number on it so if they happen to stray from the family they can approach a steward or the mother mentioned above to call their parents.

#4. Glowsticks

glow sticks

For festivals that run late into the evening bring glow sticks and wrap them around their arms like bracelets. This way if it’s getting dark you will be able to spot them from a crowd if they happen to get lost. The kids will also have fun wearing them.

#5. First Aid

While there are First Aid responders at all festivals it pays to bring some of your own essentials like antibacterial wipes, plasters, paracetamol for both children and adults. It can also be handy to pop a couple of hydration sachets in there too, you just never know.

#6. Snacks

Food at festivals can be quite expensive especially if you have a large family. Be prepared and pick up some non-perishable items before you go. Having little snacks handy will also help reduce the whining treat demands throughout the day.


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#7. What to Wear

birthday gift ideas for teens tent

Prepare for all weathers: wellies, raincoats, hoodies, ponchos and suncream. You can never be too prepared.

Lightweight fleeces are good for when it starts to cool down in the evening and you might want to tuck in a blankie or two for when kiddies get tired, they can just lie down and cuddle in while you enjoy the music.

#8. Travel Games

If space allows try pack some cards, miniature board games or even activity books. Or bring tablets/iPad. They will come in handy in the evenings, waiting in queues or if you just want to chill out in the afternoon.

#9. Keep Hydrated

Bring reusable water bottles with you to the family festival, it will help the environment and hopefully, save on queues. You will need water to drink, wash up and brush your teeth. For brownie points during the day pick up a miniature squeezy bottle of cordial or squash to add a little taste to their water.

#10. Plan Your Family Festival Time

Groove family

Are there acts you want to see or particular entertainment you know the kids will enjoy? Download the festival guide before you go and try plan your time ahead of the festival. Most festivals have kids zones or special areas with activities.

Tip: decide what activities they would like to do ahead of time and go first thing to book them in as workshops will fill up.

#11. Hygiene

Bring all the wipes. Baby wipes pretty much cover all bases from bums, bodies and face. A bottle of antibacterial hand gel is a must. And just realise that it’s a festival and you’re all going to be grubby for a day or so.

#12. Things to Help Kids Get Into the Festival Mood

Bring along some things to get the kids in the mood:

  • dress up costumes
  • face paint
  • bubbles
  • flags
  • glow sticks.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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