20 Essential Family Tips for Going to a Music Festival

Jill Holtz

June 28, 2012

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If you are heading to a music festival this summer with the kids, check out our 20 essential family tips for going to a music festival, all based on the Mykidstime Team’s experience!

#1. Pick the right festival

Pick the right festival; find out if other families have been, check the festival website to see how well they cater for children.  If you have friends with kids who might be up for going with you, then that can make it even more fun with a big bunch of adults and kids together.

#2. Wellies!

Bring wellies and/or flip flops or crocs; don’t bother with any other kind of shoes, they will only get wrecked if it is muddy.

#3. Wet wipes are essential

Bring plenty of wet wipes, they are great for wiping sticky hands after eating or muddy splashes off legs. Toilet paper or packets of tissues are another essential in case the festival loos are out of paper!

#4. Pop up tent

Buy a cheap pop up tent; you can set this up as soon as you arrive and the kids can play in it while you set up everything else.  Particularly useful for storing odds and ends as well once you have your main tent set up.

#5. Ear Defenders

It’s worth investing in ear defenders for little people, Adam & Friends have lightweight Ear Muffs in funky colours for kids.

#6. Fold Up Chairs

Fold up chairs are great for tired legs (small or big).  Ideally pick up the type that can be stuffed into their own bag with a handle to sling over shoulders.

#7. A potty for the tent

What more can we say?  Middle of the night, dark, tramping to nearby festival toilets not a favourite activity to do with your child, so pack a potty (or collapsible bucket) that can take care of night time wees.

#8. Pick your camping spot carefully

Pick a spot in family camping near to toilets, but not so close that you’ll spend all night listening to the doors bang open and shut.  When you arrive scope out where the toilets and showers and other amenities are so that you can decide on a good spot to reach them all easily.

#9. Headlamps

Strap on headlamps are very handy for night time reading, finding things in the dark, or toilet trips if you don’t want to use above mentioned potty

#10. Be prepared to lower your standards

Lower your standards for hygiene and general cleanliness; for a few days accept that you’ll all be a lot dirtier than usual ;-).  Once you accept that, you can actually relax and enjoy yourself and remember the shower at home will be such a pleasure!

#11. Eye masks and ear plugs

Eye masks and ear plugs are essential if you are in a tent unless you are particularly used to rising with the sun or don’t mind noisy neighbours coming back late a bit merry.

#12. Water Containers

Buy a couple of 5 litre water containers and bring a couple of small drink bottles; thirsty kids are what will drain most of your money at a festival if you have to keep buying them drinks.  There’s always somewhere to fill up with drinking water at the campsite.

#13. Freeze Juice Cartons

If you’re planning on cooking at the festival, freeze some 1 litre screw-top cartons of apple/orange juice before you go and they will double as ice packs, and drinks when they thaw out.

#14. Picnic Rug

Bring a plastic backed picnic rug (preferably with a carry handle), it will be great for spreading out and letting the kids lie down during the music.

#15. Bring a wheelbarrow or fold up trolley

Buy or borrow a wheelbarrow or fold up trolley; it will save you making multiple trips to the car with heavy items.

#16. Buy Balloons

Buy a packet of balloons and when your tent is up, tie loads onto your guy ropes.  If a field is packed full of families camping, children have a tendency to (a) get lost and (b) trip over every guy rope in the place, so the balloons will help them avoid the ropes – and they make your tent look pretty too and easier to find.

#17. Fleece Blankets

Buy some cheap fleece blankets, they’ll keep kids warm and toasty while you’re watching late night music and can be used inside sleeping bags for extra toastiness.

#18. Don’t forget raincoats

Bring raincoats; you can sit on them if it’s wet, wear them if it’s raining and tie them around your waist if you don’t want to carry them.

#19. Buy some festival music

If the festival has bands you don’t know, consider buying or creating an online playlist and listening to the music before you go.

The kids will get a thrill when they see music being played live that they have previously only heard from their cd player or from the laptop.

#20. Take lots of photos!

For the memories :)

Article written by Mary Kate Heaslip, mum of 2

Have you taken your kids to a music festival before? What would your top tip be? Add yours to the comments below

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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