14 Books for Anxious Kids to Help Ease Their Worries

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

August 10, 2022

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When your child is dealing with anxiety, worries or fears, having a way to open conversation in an age-appropriate way can be a real bonus. Sitting down together with a book can provide that chance, and you’d be amazed at how even the simplest story can hit the mark. These books for anxious kids range from picture books for younger children, through to workbooks that can be done independently by older children.

Use these stories and books as conversation starters. Talk about the characters or the theme, do the activities together and give your child the chance to process how they are feeling. From personal experience, get used to reading the books and having the same conversation a few times before it really ‘clicks’. While we no longer read the books together, my daughter likes to revisit them herself from time to time when the need arises.

With the turmoil we have all experienced of late, it would not be surprising if the younger members of the house found life troubling. It may manifest as difficulty sleeping, aches and pains, upset stomach, acting out, unexplained tears, nightmares, separation anxiety, or another change in behaviour – and it’s important to remember that your child, even an older one, may not be equipped to express how they are feeling.

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Helpful Books for Anxious Kids

Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Poppy O’Neill

Books for anxious kids

Don’t Worry, Be Happy is a practical guide that combines cognitive-behavioural therapy methods used by child psychologists in schools with simple activities to help your child to deal with feeling anxious. It’s aimed at children aged 7-11 because a lot happens in these years that can impact a child’s emotional well-being, not just now but for years to come.

Your child will be guided, with the help of Fiz – a friendly and supportive character they can identify with – through fun and engaging activities which are interspersed with useful tips, inspirational statements and practical information for parents.

What to Do When You Worry Too Much

Books for anxious kids

What to Do When You Worry Too Much is an interactive self-help book designed to guide 6-12 year olds and their parents through the cognitive-behavioural techniques most often used in the treatment of generalized anxiety.

Engaging, encouraging, and easy to follow, this is one of the most popular books for anxious kids and educates, motivates, and empowers children to work towards change.

Find Your Calm by Gabi Garcia

Books for anxious kids

Find Your Calm is a wonderfully accessible book that teaches children how to tap into their sense of safety when anxiety sends a false alarm, so they can find their calm. It includes simple grounding activities and coping tools for them to practice, and your child can follow along and learn as the young narrator practices strategies that keep the anxiety from taking over.

Parents and educators can find free downloadable resources to accompany this book at gabigarciabooks.com

My Monster and Me by Nadiya Hussain

My Monster and Me is a touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. It’s there when he gets dressed, when he wants to play with his toys, and even when his friends come over to visit. How can he escape his worries?

Having suffered with panic disorder herself for as long as she can remember, Great British Bake Off winner and author of numerous cookbooks Nadiya Hussain wrote this heartfelt story to help give children and parents the tools they need to talk about worries and anxiety, to ensure that no child suffers in silence.

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The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright

Books for anxious kids

The Worrysaurus is a fun and reassuring tale about dealing with worries from the author of the bestselling The Lion Inside.

It’s a beautiful day and Worrysaurus has planned a special picnic. But it isn’t long before a small butterfly of worry starts fluttering in his tummy. What if he hasn’t brought enough to eat? What if he gets lost in the jungle? What if he trips and falls? What if it rains?! Can Worrysaurus find a way to chase his fears away and have fun?

This is the perfect book to help every anxious little dinosaur let go of their fears and feel happy in the moment.

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Books for anxious kids

Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry. At first it’s not such a big worry, and that’s all right, but then it starts to grow. It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again?

Ruby’s Worry is a perceptive and poignant story that is a must-have for all children’s bookshelves. From Tom Percival’s bestselling Big Bright Feelings series, this is the perfect book for discussing childhood worries and anxieties, no matter how big or small they may be.

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Books for Anxious kids

With more than half a million copies sold, The Invisible String is one of the most popular books for anxious kids. Parents, educators, therapists, and social workers alike have declared it the perfect tool for coping with all kinds of separation anxiety, loss, and grief.

In this relatable and reassuring contemporary classic, a mother tells her two children that they’re all connected by an invisible string. “That’s impossible!” the children insist, but still they want to know more: “What kind of string?” The answer is the simple truth that binds us all: An Invisible String made of love. Even though you can’t see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love. Does everybody have an Invisible String? How far does it reach? Does it ever go away? This heartwarming picture book for all ages explores questions about the intangible yet unbreakable connections between us, and opens up deeper conversations about love.

The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside

Books for anxious kids

Wherever Jenny goes, her worries follow her – in a big blue bag. They are with her all the time – at school, at home, when she is watching TV and even in the bathroom! Jenny decides they have to go, but who will help her get rid of them?

The Huge Bag of Worries is a funny and reassuring look at dealing with worries and anxiety, to be used as a springboard into important conversations with your child.

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Worry

Every girl worries from time to time. Maybe it’s an argument with a friend, or a big test, or a performance in front of a crowd. Maybe it’s her body. Maybe it’s even something fun, like a slumber party, or something really big, like moving away or her parents’ divorce.

For many girls, even small worries can take on a life of their own and get in the way of enjoying life. But A Smart Girl’s Guide to Worry will help take charge over your worries. You’ll learn tried-and-true ways to overcome fears and create a sense of calm. You’ll take quizzes and find out about yourself and what concerns you, and you’ll read advice from real girls who found ways to deal with their own worries. The book is packed with proven techniques for handling worry and creating confidence – freeing you to be the girl you’re meant to be.

Part of the American Girl series of books for young girls which deal with a wide range of topics including emotions, friendship troubles and body changes,

The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend by Jion Sheibani

Books for anxious kids

Sohal worries about a lot of things: the dark, mutant sheep, being alone – you name it, he worries about it! So one night he tries drawing his worries to make himself feel better – and somehow they look a lot less worrying once they’re scribbled down. But then imagine Sohal’s surprise when he wakes up the next morning to find a set of funny, furry friends at the end of his bed!

His worries have come to life, and it’s not long before Hurt, Fail, Anger, Big and Alone have turned his world upside down. Now it’s up to Sohal to work out how to keep his worries under control – and have some serious fun while he’s at it!

The Worries is a hilarious, highly illustrated new series, perfect for helping children gently work through their worries and concentrate on having fun.

Help Your Dragon Deal with Anxiety by Steve Herman

Books for anxious kids

Having a pet dragon is very fun! He can sit, roll over, and play. He can candle a birthday cake, light a campfire, or so many other cool things. But what if your dragon is constantly worrying about so many things?

What if he’s worried about his math test even though he has studied very hard? What if he’s so nervous about his upcoming book report in front of the class? What if he gets so anxious when he has to go get a shot from the doctor office? So anxious that he has a meltdown? What if your dragon is always asking about “What if”?

Help Your Dragon Deal with Anxiety is part of the extensive Dragon series dealing with emotions, feelings and social situations.

Anxious Ninja by Mary Nhin

Books for anxious kids

Life is hard! And it’s even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out. Anxious Ninja experiences difficult emotions that creates temporary paralysis until a friend share some tips on how to handle anxiety.

The new children’s book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters are fun for young readers, yet witty enough for adults.

No Worries! by Dr Sharie Coombes

Books for anxious kids

No Worries! is an interactive self-care activity book for children aged 7+ to colour and doodle their way to happiness, calm and confidence.

The encouraging and simple activities and exercises tackle anxiety, sadness and stress; children will enjoy using their creativity to combat negative feelings, work out why they feel worried and how to put stress back in its place through writing, colouring, doodling and drawing.

Quirky pictures will keep kids entertained and focused as they work through the book, or simply dip into the pages for ten minutes of calm colouring.

Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman

Everybody Worries is a reassuring and practical picture book that combines helpful tips endorsed by clinical psychologists with fun rhyming couplets and colourful pictures to help children open up about their feelings and get anxiety under control.

It is a great book to soothe worries for young children, and can also be a springboard into having important conversations with your child.

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