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mental health awareness

WATCH: Kate Middleton Talks About Mental Health Awareness for Children

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made a rare video appearance to support the UK's first Children's Mental Health Week (16-22 February 2015)...
post natal depression

Why Post Natal Depression Can Be a Positive Life Event

Post Natal Depression can be crippling. But surprisingly, it can also help you grow as a person, it can be positive and it even...
duchess of cambridge

[WATCH] The Duchess of Cambridge Talk about Motherhood

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed some of her thoughts on being a mother during a recent speech for the launch of a series of...

IronDad Guinness World Record Challenge for Super You

Declan Loy is a business consultant, author and entrepreneur from Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. At present Declan aka IronDad is attempting to break...
Mykidstime - 10 minutes a day to be your best self

Expert Advice: Take 10 Minutes A Day To Be Your Best Self

Busy parents often feel that any sort of ‘me time’ is a luxury they can’t afford to indulge in. Yet psychotherapist and author Abby...
louis theroux mothers on the edge

Louis Theroux’s Latest Documentary Explores Postpartum Depression and Mental Health

Our society hails being pregnant and becoming a new mother as a happy time, but it can also be a time of extreme stress...