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mental health awareness

WATCH: Kate Middleton Talks About Mental Health Awareness for Children

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made a rare video appearance to support the UK's first Children's Mental Health Week (16-22 February 2015)...
post natal depression

Why Post Natal Depression Can Be a Positive Life Event

Post Natal Depression can be crippling. But surprisingly, it can also help you grow as a person, it can be positive and it even...
duchess of cambridge

[WATCH] The Duchess of Cambridge Talk about Motherhood

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed some of her thoughts on being a mother during a recent speech for the launch of a series of...

IronDad Guinness World Record Challenge for Super You

Declan Loy is a business consultant, author and entrepreneur from Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. At present Declan aka IronDad is attempting to break...
Mykidstime - 10 minutes a day to be your best self

Expert Advice: Take 10 Minutes A Day To Be Your Best Self

Busy parents often feel that any sort of ‘me time’ is a luxury they can’t afford to indulge in. Yet psychotherapist and author Abby...