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July 28, 2020

Museum at home activities paper basket

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Would you like to uncover the secrets of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Viking runes or Ogham Code, learn how to tie a harvest knot or more about Ireland’s garden birds or how to make a bird helmet? Explore, engage and enjoy these National Museum Of Ireland at home activities for a free fun learning experience that children and adults will love.

Our 4 National Museums Of Ireland are amazing places to visit. Visiting is free and they are home to extensive collections that preserve the past. You can also enjoy a host of free events on a wide range of topics, during the year.

But did you know that you can also enjoy access online too? The National Museum Of Ireland have created a Museum at Home hub where you will find these inspiring activities and many more besides. From archaeology to natural history and decorative arts to country life, simply choose your museum and see what’s on offer.

Our Pick Of National Museums Of Ireland Museum At Home Activities

Museum at home activities

Ogham Code

Ogham writing is earliest form of writing found in Ireland. Discover where in Ireland Ogham is found and write your own message on an Ogham Stone.

Viking Videos

Check out the Viking videos to learn more about how the Vikings arrived to Ireland and discover some of the objects on display at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology.

Make a Harvest Knot

Harvest Knots are knots of woven straw that were made as part of the harvest celebration. Watch the short film by Museum educator Tom Doyle on how to make a Harvest Knot to celebrate Lúnasa.

Design & Make a Paper Basket

Design & make your own paper basket inspired by the rush basket in the handling collection and the baskets on display in the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life exhibition. Watch a step-by-step tutorial by artist and museum guide Renata Pekowska, on how to make a paper basket.

Make a Bird Helmet

Design your own bird helmet inspired by the Samurai Armour on display in the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History out of storage exhibition. Watch the step-by-step tutorial by artist and Museum guide Renata Pekowska.

Make your own Wearable Giant Irish Deer Antlers

Design a set of antlers inspired by the Giant Irish Deer fossil skeletons on display in the Irish Room at the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. Watch the short video and learn how to make wearable antlers.

Birdsong Challenge Activity

Learn the songs of Ireland’s most common garden birds. Watch the videos, learn to recognise the songs, and see if you can find them on your next adventure!

Have your say! Have you tried any of these National Museum Of Ireland museum at home activities? Please tell us in the comments box below. 

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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