First Look! 13 Exclusive £1 Books for World Book Day 2019 Announced

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

October 16, 2018

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019

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World Book Day is a feature in many schools across Ireland and the UK each year, encouraging and celebrating reading. A selection of new and exclusive books are released to commemorate the annual event – and now you can get a peek at the 13 exclusive £1 Books for World Book Day 2019.

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World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind! It’s actually designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

The aim is to encourage children to explore reading by providing them with an opportunity to have a book of their own. This may sound simple, but unfortunately, many children do not have access to books in their homes.

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How Can My Child Claim a World Book Day Book?

Thanks to National Book Tokens and lots of lovely book publishers and booksellers, World Book Day distributes more than 15 million £1/€1.50 World Book Day book tokens through schools to kids and teens – that’s almost one for every young person under 18 in the UK and Ireland.

When your child arrives home with a World Book Day token, you can take it to any of your local participating book shops (find your local one here) and swap it for one of 12 exclusive £1/€1.50 World Book Day books.

Alternatively, you can use your book token to get £1/€1.50 off a full price book or audiobook instead.

Then just take your book home and enjoy it!

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World Book Day 2019: Time to Get Reading!

The exclusive World Book Day 2019 books were announced today, and they look fantastic! There is something to appeal to all ages and reading abilities, and kids will be delighted to see titles from some of their favourite authors.

Take a look through the books that will be on offer here:

Ten Little Bookworms

Written by Mike Brownlow and illustrated by Simon Rickerty

Ten little bookworms set off on a library adventure. As they munch their way through stories of every kind, each little bookworm is whisked off into an exciting tale.

From prehistoric swamps and spooky castles to outer space and jungle treetops, the bookworms discover amazing adventures in every story they explore. Join the little bookworms to find out why making friends with books is the BEST thing you can do!

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Ten Little Bookworms

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Cruella and Cadpig

Written by Peter Bently and illustrated by Steven Lenton

When Cadpig gets lost playing hide-and-seek, she stumbles into the path of the evil Cruella de Vil! Can her new furry friends help her escape?

Inspired by Dodie Smith’s classic story of The Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Cruella and Cadpig

Hubert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale

Written by Lauren Child

Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent is a very responsible child, possibly the most responsible child you will ever meet. How did he get to be so responsible? Just meet his parents and you will understand.

This is the very fishy tale of how an ordinary day out with Mr and Mrs Bobton-Trent became the death-defying rescue of the one and only Hubert Horatio. And who did the rescuing? Why Hubert of course.

From Waterstones Children’s Laureate, Lauren Child, a deliciously off-the-wall and very fishy tale.

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Hubert Horatio

LEGO Minifigure Mayhem

Written by Helen Murray & Beth Davies

Join the LEGO minifigure party and celebrate World Book Day 2019 with a bunch of wacky and wonderful LEGO characters!

Laugh at the Clown’s funniest joke, discover the Monster Scientist’s favourite creation, and challenge your friends to fun LEGO activities. LEGO Minifigure Mayhem is packed full of jokes, challenges and facts about the coolest and silliest LEGO minifigure characters ever!

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Lego Minifigure Mayhem

Bad Mermaids Meets the Witches

Written by Sibéal Pounder and illustrated by Jason Cockroft & Laura Ellen Anderson

Once every one hundred years, the mermaids of the Hidden Lagoon and the witches of Sinkville get together for a party! The Top Witch greets the Mermaid Queen, who is wheeled through the streets of Sinkville in a bathtub.

Mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda can’t wait to meet a real witch, but when Tiga is unexpectedly sucked down the plughole into the Hidden Lagoon before the celebrations even start, things start to go magically, marvellously, megalodon-sharkally WRONG.

Sibéal Pounder brings together the characters from her brilliant, bonkers, bestselling Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series for a once in a lifetime World Book Day adventure.

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches

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Claude: Best in Show

Written by Alex T. Smith

Meet Claude – no ordinary dog! The Great Waggy Avenue Dog Show is happening today – and there are medals galore to be won! If only Claude knew a dog so they could take part…

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Claude Best in Show

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Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

Written by Rick Riordan

When the god Apollo asks for a favour, it’s never going to be straightforward…

Percy Jackson is celebrating Grover’s birthday when Apollo turns up. He’s due to perform in front of the other gods on Mount Olympus, but one of his four beautiful celedon singers is missing.

Percy sets off to bring her back, but the rogue celedon has sniffed her shot at a solo career and is holding up Broadway. With the bright lights of Times Square in the background, it’s a showdown to remember for Percy – can he find a way to capture her and return her to Apollo in time?

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Percy Jackson Apollo

The Great Rocket Robbery

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and illustrated by Steven Lenton

Laika and her fellow street dogs are being trained up for the greatest adventure in history – a trip to the moon! But they can’t wait to see the stars, so they hatch a plan to get there all on their own…

It’s destination: adventure in this uplifting ‘tail’ of exploration from the award-winning author of Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth, marking the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon.

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 The Great Rocket Robbery

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Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend

Written by Jeff Kinney

We’ve always seen the stories through Greg’s eyes, but what does his best friend Rowley have to say?

In the dog-eat-dog world of middle school, you have to do whatever it takes to survive. When Rowley’s star begins to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend’s popularity to his advantage, with unexpected and hilarious consequences, putting their friendship to the test.

The original tale of Diary of a Wimpy Kid like you’ve never seen it before, told from Rowley’s point of view. But how closely will Rowley’s diary journal match up with Greg’s version of events?

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Diary of Greg Heffley's Best Friend


Written by Abi Elphinstone

It is midnight in Crackledawn – a midnight full of magic. Sea dragons stir in the depths of the ocean, silver whales surface beneath the moon and sand goblins line the shores. Everyone is waiting for the phoenix, the guardian of the kingdom’s magic, to rise up from the forests of Everdark. But there is no sign of the phoenix tonight. Something else surges up out of Everdark instead: a harpy, bent on stealing Crackledawn’s magic.

It is up to an eleven-year-old girl called Smudge and an eccentric monkey called Bartholomew to set sail beyond the legendary Northswirl and stop the harpy before it’s too late.

So, grab your compass and roll down your sail – the first adventure in The Unmapped Chronicles is about to begin…

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Everdark

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Written by Patrice Lawrence

When Soraya’s younger brother Farhad runs off into the freezing night, Soraya and her friend, Austin, are in a race against time to find him.

High above the streets, Farhad’s guilt closes in. He doesn’t want to be found.

This is the story of two friends, one missing boy and a secret as precious as gold…

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Snap

Nought Forever

Written by Malorie Blackman

Eva just wants to be left alone to mourn her daughter. But when a badly wounded Dan, on the run from a ruthless nought gang who want him dead, crosses her path she’s compelled to help.

Both are hiding dark secrets from their past. Both have reasons to fear the other. But they are both connected to each other too, and before the night is over, Eva will be forced to choose: betray Dan, or protect him – whatever the cost?

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Nought Forever

A Bonus Book for Irish readers!

World Book Day fans in Ireland will also have an additional book to choose from!

Sam Hannigan’s Rockstar Granny

Written by Alan Nolan

Animal lover Samantha Hannigan lives in Clobberstown with her granny, Nanny Gigg, her brother Bruno, and more furry and feathered friends than you can swing a cat at.

As Nanny Gigg, Sam and her best friend Ajay set out for a Roaming Scones concert, little do they know that Bruno has zapped their pet budgie, Sindy, with one of their granddad’s crackpot inventions: the ENORMA-GRO 3000! Will they catch the massive bird before she wrecks the gaff? And who’s trying to steal the Scones’ precious gold guitar?

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019 Sam Hannigan's Rock Star Granny

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Don’t forget, your child’s World Book Day book tokens are valid from Thursday 28th February to Sunday 31st March 2019.

Which book would your child love for World Book Day 2019? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Mykidstime World Book Day 2019

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