You’ll Love These 10 Ingenious Ideas for Kids Book Storage

kids book storage

If your house is anything like ours there’s always books around. Between all the picture books, tween books, teen books, and the library books coming home, book storage space is at a premium. You’ll Love These 10 Ingenious Ideas for Kids Book Storage:

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#1. Diy Kids Book Bin

Make a DIY book bin with this tutorial from which gives you step by step instructions for putting it together.

diy book storage bin

Image credit Thislittlestreet

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#2. Picture Ledges

Use picture ledges which you can pick up from DIY shops or from Ikea to make a bookshelf feature on the wall like this stylish feature from Apartment Therapy.

picture ledges

Image credit Apartment Therapy

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#3. Spice Racks

Another IKEA hack is turning spice racks into book holders. We like this one from which has used a space by the window to feature and store the books.

spice racks

Image credit Kidsroomsideas

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#4. Turn a Vertical Bookcase Sideways

Isn’t this such a simple but fabulous idea? Turn a long vertical bookcase on its side to make easy low down access for wee readers. They can take off and put back their books easily. And the top works as a handy play and storage place too.

sideways bookcase

Image found on Pinterest

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#5. Corner Guttering

Great idea this from Sunshine on the Inside where they used corner guttering to make shelving in a corner space. With a nice contrasting paint colour they’ve made a lovely space and feature.

guttering for shelves

Image credit Sunshine on the Inside

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#6. Colourful Crates

This is a nice idea from Crazy Little Projects using different coloured crates to make a fun bookshelf. They bought unfinished crates and painted them bright colours before screwing the crates together to form the shelf.

colourful book crates

Image credit Crazy Little Projects

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#7. Painted Dishrack

This is a lovely idea, take a wooden dishrack and paint it to turn into a stylish but handy kids book rack.

painted dishrack

Image found on Pinterest

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#8. Newsstand Style Storage

This is a great idea to make a newsstand style storage feature and use some wasted space at the same time. This decorating with books project from Craft and Creativity was featured in Swedish Home magazine Hus & Hem. You can see a diagram of how they made the bookcase project here.

newsstand style book storage

Image credit Craft and Creativity

#9. Roll Around Bookcase

We adore this idea from Project Little Smith, where they attached old skateboard wheels to a wooden cube to make a roll around bookcase.

roll around bookcase

Image credit Project Little Smith

#10. Corner Book Tree

This is such a cool idea to turn a corner bookcase into a book tree. All you need apart from a corner bookcase is some green and brown paint and to get creative!

book tree corner

Image found on Pinterest

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you for tackling your kids book storage! Tell us if you enjoyed this in the comments below. 

Kids Book Storage

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