Don’t Miss These 10 Hacks For Parents To Organise Toys

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Feeling overwhelmed by toys around the house? We have 10 great hacks for parents to organise toys, helping you to simplify and organise the family chaos! 

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When you first become a parent, you definitely don’t realise how many toys are going to come into your house! And even if you have a dedicated play space or family room, the toys seem to get everywhere! So here are some practical ideas for organising toys.


Hacks For Parents To Organise Toys

#1. Bucket Fun for Toys

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Create a fun storage unit for toys by drilling small holes into inexpensive buckets and connecting them with zip ties.

It lets your child see toys and access them easily. And you can encourage them to help sort and add them back once they have finished playing with them.

#2. Outdoor Toy Storage

tires for outdoor toys

For your outdoor toys, here’s a cool idea. Clean, paint and stack tires to make a storage unit with MDF for a base and a lid. You could add castor wheels to the bottom if you have a deck or paving.

And then you can tuck in all the outdoor games, toys and pool noodles.

#3. Use Shoe Storage for Smaller Toys

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Love this idea from This parent has used a shoe organiser hanging on the back of the bedroom door to hold action figures and small toys.

#4. Bookcases Turned into Storage

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Turn a IKEA Expedit bookcase on its side with baskets or tubs for toy storage. Double up or triple up depending on the space you have to increase storage and make a nice visual centrepiece to your room.

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#5. Toy Rotation Bins

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Are too many toy options making your children frustrated and overwhelmed? Buy a set of e.g. 4 bins and separate the toys. Then store them away and take one out at a time to play with.

This gives a bit of novelty to the toys that haven’t been seen for a few days as well.

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#6. Make a Stuffed Animal Swing

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We love this idea from for a hanging storage solution for all those cuddly stuffed animals that is pretty inexpensive and can be easily put together in an hour or two. It’s simple enough that the kids can help too.

#7. Jigsaw Storage

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Take a tip from and tore smaller jigsaw puzzles in pencil cases rather than their cardboard boxes which end up breaking up.

#8. Storing LEGO Instruction Books

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Keep your Lego instruction manuals handy and in one place by putting them in a folder inside page protectors, great idea from

#9. Organising Bicycles And Scooters

This is a great idea from Tidy up your garage or shed space for storing scooters and bikes by marking out a section with coloured masking tape.

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#10. Use Under Bed Storage

underbed storage drawer

Maximise storage space by utilising under bed space. For example, this underbed drawer available from is a great solution for smaller bedrooms. The drawer is on multi-directional castors so it’s easy to wheel out and features a Bright White finish with a Grey Star design and a cut out handle.

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Over to you now! Which of these toy hacks for parents did you like best? Any other hacks for parents for organising toys that you can share? Tell us in the comments below. 

Don't Miss These 10 Hacks For Parents To Organise Toys

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