14 Creative and Useful Ideas For Soft Toy and Teddy Bear Storage

Kellie Kearney

February 27, 2020

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

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Are you swamped by bears and tired of teddies? You’ll find these creative and useful ideas for soft toy and teddy bear storage a real lifesaver!

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As a mum of five, there is currently a teddy bear ban in my house. Realistically, they each have one teddy (and a spare) that they cuddle each night, but after that they never actually play with them. Yet each birthday and Christmas we see a hoard of them storm through the door!

We have teddies in all shapes and sizes, from branded Disney characters to ones won at claw games. I reckon we easily have over a hundred teddies in our house – despite two large donations to animal shelters recently!

If you are in the same situation and feel like soft toys are taking over your home, check out these really clever teddy bear storage ideas. We love them!

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Creative Teddy Bear Storage Ideas

#1. Hanging Baskets

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: Centsational Style

Why not mount some garden hanging baskets to the wall to display a selection of their favourite teddies. You could make a display, as seen in this idea from Centsational Style, with some books and toys too.

#2. Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: The Keeper of Cheerios

Now, this we love! A little bit of ply, paint and patience is all that is needed here. You can just imagine the hours of fun they would have searching around for their teddies in this clever contraption from The Keeper of Cheerios!

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#3. Hanging Shelves

Hanging toy storage

Image: It’s Always Autumn

This hanging storage idea from It’s Always Autumn is a great way to both store and display cute stuffed animals. Full instructions are given to help you create your own DIY solution.

#4. Curtain Rod

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: One Crazy House

So simple, but very clever. This teddy bear storage idea from One Crazy House would be so cute in any kids room. Simply install a curtain rail and let their soft and squishy friends hang from it!

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#5. Stuffed Toy Hammock

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: Lemon Squeezy Home

Up, up and away – exactly where I like them! This is a really simple and cool hack for displaying their cuddly toys, but keeping their room clutter-free.

Full instructions thanks to Lemon Squeezy Home.

#6. High Shelf

Teddy bear shelf

Image: One Day At a Time

One Day At a Time chose to run a high shelf along one wall to sit all those teddy bears on, which is a fun way to keep things off the ground and out of the way.

#7. Shoe Holder Storage

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: The Plan Collection

Simple, easy and accessible. Why not repurpose an old shoe tree to create this clever teddy bear storage hack as seen on The Plan Collection.

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#8. Shoe Organisers

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

This idea we found on Pinterest is absolutely genius – I want one! Pick up a hanging shoe organiser and simply hang it on the back of their bedroom door to display and store toys accordingly. It looks like the teddies and soft toys are tucked up in bed, how cute!

#9. Stuffed Animal Chair

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: Thread Riding Hood

What’s not to love about this S.A.C (stuffed animal chair) that hides away all the soft toys? You can make your own chair too, well if you are crafty enough that is, thanks to Thread Riding Hood.

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#10. Toy Hotel


Image: Hometalk

Toy Hotels are all the rage now and we want one in every colour! It’s a pretty awesome way to recycle any old crates or boxes too. Full instructions can be found on Hometalk.

#11. Classic IKEA Kallax Shelving

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

IKEA always comes to the rescue when it comes to storage ideas – and the Kallax units are undoubtedly the most popular choice. Pick your storage boxes from a range of colours (we like this multicoloured selection we found on Pinterest) to match your child’s room, then hide away teddies, soft toys or any of the rest of the mess!

#12. Mesh Hangers

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

These hanging storage columns can also be found in IKEA for just a few euro too! They come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes, so they are very handy in general for storage.

#13. Teddy Swing

Mykidstime teddy bear storage ideas

Image: Garden Therapy

Why not keep it super simple with this some fun teddy bear swings to keep the bigger soft toys off the floor and out of the way. See how to make them with instructions from Garden Therapy.

#14. Wire Basket

Teddy storage basket

Image: Pretty Prudent

Repurpose a wire laundry basket for some handy teddy bear storage, just like this version from Pretty Prudent.

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Are you staging a soft toy intervention? Which of these is your favourite teddy bear storage idea? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Teddy bear storage

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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