10 Practical Storage Hacks to Help Declutter The House


It’s no coincidence that a tidy home with everything stored away neatly makes for a more stress free life, as it has been proven that clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self-esteem. But tackling some of the clutter around the home can be a bit overwhelming. So to help you get started we have 10 Practical Storage Hacks to Declutter The House.

Why declutter?

If you’ve been a bit of a hoarder or family life is making your house cluttered, there are some good benefits from decluttering:

  • It creates a better living space
  • It definitely reduces your stress levels
  • Your house is more attractive not only for you living in it but for visitors too
  • You might be able to do other things with your space once it is decluttered

Here are 10 Practical Storage Hacks to help you declutter and streamline the household.


#1. Simple Shoe Storage

I don’t know about you but in our house, shoes are always piling up in the hall as everyone goes in and out. I like this idea where you use a coat rack panel screwed into the wall down low to hang shoes off.

Now all you have to do is train the family to hang their shoes up!

storage hacks

Image from Pinterest

#2. Store lids quickly and easily

I think this is a top tip from Better Homes and Gardens, to use a slim magazine rack on the back of your cupboard door to store all those pesky lids for tupperware and tubs.

storage hacks

Image credit Better Homes and Gardens

#3. Streamline the Bathroom

For a nifty idea for extra storage in the bathroom how about this one from Simply DIY 2? Instead of using towel rails just for towels, use the rails to hang baskets to store washcloths, towels and other bathroom supplies.

storage hacks

Image credit Simply DIY 2 

#4. Store all the Chargers and Cables

Take a cue from Dark Room and Dearly who created this handy charger and cable storage box from shoeboxes and wrapping paper, no more “Where’s my charger Mum?”!

Get the full project instructions over here.

storage hacks Image credit Dark Room and Dearly

#5. Tidy Up that Under Sink Cupboard

I’m definitely doing this as the bane of my life is my under sink cupboard in the kitchen.
Use two cheap tension rods to hold wire baskets at an angle for easy access to small items like your pot scrubbers and brushes, and to hang your bottled spray cleaning supplies.

storage hacks under-sink-2 under-sink-storage

Image credit Rakuten

#6. Make Wrapping Paper Storage a Cinch

Wrapping paper rolls are always a pain to store, so when I saw this idea from Cassie at Hisugarplumsblog.com, I thought it was super and will definitely be implementing this in my house.

She used a door rack system, but you could use different holders screwed onto the door to store gift bags, ribbons and rolls of wrapping paper. No more searching everywhere for gift wrap on the day of a party!

storage hacks

Image credit Hisugarplumsblog.com

#7. Maximise Attic Storage Space

I love the way this attic space has been used to create extra storage where it would normally be wasted space. Shelves have been put in under the eaves, where tubs and storage boxes can be easily placed and accessed.

storage hacks

Image credit Decoratingyoursmallspace.com 

#8. Tidy Up the Linen Cupboard

Another area of the house that drives me mad is my linen cupboard because I only have a small one to keep all our towels and sheets in. Here’s a handy tip from Doitandhow.com to store bed sheets in one of the matching pillow cases.

storage hacks

Image credit Doitandhow.com

For towels, some websites recommend rolling all your towels up, and I used to do this but found it a bit too time consuming so I now use Marie Kondo’s folding method.

This video on organising your linen closet has some helpful tips too.

#9. Get on Top of the Toys

This is a great idea to get on top of the toy storage from 2sisters2cities.com: turn an IKEA Expedit bookcase on its side with baskets or tubs for toy storage. Double or triple up depending on the space you have to increase storage and make a nice visual centrepiece to your room.


Image credit 2sisters2cities.com

#10. Use Clips to Hang More Clothes

If you are like me and space is at a premium or you have a small closet or wardrobe, then this tip might help to maximise hanging space by using shelf brackets repurposed with Enudden hanger clips from Ikea.

storage hackImage credit IKEA 

Over to you now. Do you have any storage hacks that have worked for you? Share them with us in the comments below.



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