15 Affordable and Nifty Small Room Ideas for More Space

small room ideas

Not everyone is blessed with a house with large rooms, and if you sometimes feel your small rooms are a pain and you wish you could do more to make the living space bigger, here are 15 affordable and nifty small room ideas for more space:

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#1. Use a Bedside Corner Shelf

If space is tight in your bedroom and you don’t have room for a bedside table this idea for a corner shelf at the bedside from Apartmenttherapy.com is a neat one.


small room ideas

Image credit Apartmenttherapy.com

#2. Corner Shelves in the Bedroom

Another simple but effective bedroom trick is building shelves up the wall that you can double up to use as a bedside table space too, like this idea from Lushome.

small room ideas

Image credit Lushome

#3. Fill Unused Spaces

Make an unused corner space into a book case by fitting corner shelves as Trulylovelife did, they have full instructions of how they did it.

small room ideas

Image credit Trulylovelylife

Here’s a video tutorial showing how to build a similar bookcase

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#4. Use Spaces Above Doors

Use space above doors for shelving to create more storage options, for example like The2seasons.com created themselves in this bathroom example:

small room ideas

Image credit The2Seasons.com

#5. Under Bed Storage

Maximise storage by using under bed space, for example, buy or create your own storage tubs on wheels to roll in and out from under the bed or use vacuum pack storage cases where you vacuum out the air to make them super flat.

We love this idea from Vanillajoy.com where they made a platform bed based on an Ikea Expedit bookcase at the endn of the bed for extra storage.

small room ideasImage credit Vanillajoy.com

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