15 Affordable and Nifty Small Room Ideas for More Space


#6. Using Under Stair Space

Under stairs often has wasted space that could be used for storage. This mix of open storage cubby holes shown on Designsponge lets you both hang and stack everything you need for day-to-day life.

small room ideasImage credit Designsponge


#7. Sliding Walls

Use sliding walls in place of doors to streamline space, and separate larger areas into smaller zones. In this nice example from Dwell.com, a sliding door separates the master bedroom from the living room and also doubles as a backdrop for a projector.

small room ideas

Image credit Dwell.com

#8. Fold Down Furniture to Save Space

We love this project from Shanty2chic to make a diy Murphy desk that folds down from the wall. You could do this kind of thing for a breakfast table too if you’re short of space in the kitchen.
small room ideas

Image credit Shanty2chic

Here are some more fold down table ideas


#9. Extra Kitchen Storage

If you have a narrow space in your kitchen that isn’t being used, then you could make this diy food storage unit like this idea from Classyclutter.net who made a unit to pull in and out to use the narrow unused space beside the fridge. They have full instructions for the project.

small room ideasImage credit Classyclutter.net


#10. Laundry Cupboard

If you only have a small space for your washing machine and dryer, this tip from Onekinddesign is neat, stack your appliances and then have shelving to the side for your detergents etc.

small room ideas

Image credit Onekinddesign

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