We Love Her Body Can, a New Kids Book Promoting Body Positivity

Jill Holtz

March 11, 2020

Her Body Can

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For the first time, a new book is celebrating body positivity for kids. We love Her Body Can, that tells young girls that ALL bodies are beautiful, whatever their size.

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Written by two bloggers from Atlanta, Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke, the newly released Her Body Can features an illustration of a plus-size little girl on the cover and, according to its description on Amazon, “is a book of poetic self-love and body positivity declarations for all young girls.”

Authors and bloggers Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke were inspired to write the book to help kids not only to accept and love themselves but to accept and love others for their differences too. They say that body positivity needs to be taught at a young age.

her body can

Her Body Can by Crenshaw and Meschke and illustrated by Li Liu is available now to buy (if you use our link we get a small commission).

About Her Body Can

The book description reads:

“Her body is beautiful-strong, kind and wise. All bodies are lovely no matter their size.”
Her Body Can is a book of poetic self-love and body positivity declarations for all young girls.

Its aim is to encourage our young girls to create a reality for themselves in which they love themselves and their bodies for exactly who and what they are, instead of learning to judge themselves and hate their bodies for what they are not.

Our girls should know that their bodies are absolutely amazing and CAN DO incredible things – and that their worth is not measured by anything except how big they love themselves.

The very first book of its kind, written for girls aged newborn to 8, this book intends to teach all young girls their bodies CAN DO ANYTHING and that what they look like is irrelevant – we are all beautiful exactly the way we are.”

her body can

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Announcing The Book’s Launch

Announcing the arrival of the new book on Instagram, Katie Crenshaw wrote:

“Today has been wild! We cannot thank you all enough for your support and good energy. We are so proud of this book and the conversations it will start in homes and in classrooms all over the world.”

Katie, a mum of three, told Glamour Magazine that last summer, Meschke had asked her “Are there any PLUS sized princesses in children’s books?” and having discussed the fact they didn’t know of any, they decided to write a children’s book where the main character is plus sized.

She explains that her daughter has a large facial birthmark, so she had been aware of the lack of representation, as well as being hyper aware of making sure her daughter knew that what made her physically different didn’t define her happiness or success.

Crenshaw also says that “Having atypical-looking children represented in the media our children consume is incredibly important.”

While there are books out there that teach kids how to overcome bullying or other adversity, the two mums thought it would be good to teach kids to be nice in a positive way.

We couldn’t agree more!

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What do you think of Her Body Can? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

We Love Her Body Can, A New Kids Book Promoting Body Positivity

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!


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