Schoolkids Rap Shows How to Make a Difference in Your Own Small Way

Jill Holtz

February 10, 2020

cappabue national school rap

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Like this? Share it with your network!

School pupils in a small school in West Cork have created a super video using a rap song which has a very special message about climate change. It’s cool how this schoolkids rap shows how to make a difference in your own small way – your kids will love to see this!

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The pupils at Cappabue National School near Bantry in west Cork have made a fun video called “One Small Change” using rap to show their concerns about climate change and encouraging everyone to get involved by making small changes. They want everyone to make little changes to help try to save the planet.

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Don’t Miss This Schoolkids Rap!

About “One Small Change”

Pupils made the video with the help of Cork producer Garry McCarthy of Cork City’s GMC Beats.

Cappabue National School has a track record when it comes to making cool videos. They have already won a number of awards for their videos.

(Take a minute to watch their hilarious video called “The Origin of Species“, also guaranteed to make you smile.)

Teacher Olive Creed says the kids were inspired by a project they undertook looking at plastic waste in Bantry Bay.

The children came up with the idea of creating a music video to encourage other people to change their habits. They came up with the concept and the rap song themselves, which Garry helped them to record.

The central message of “We can all make a difference in our own small way” is definitely one we can agree with.

The Video Goes Viral

The video is starting to go viral to the excitement of the School’s Facebook page, where they are reporting the views as they continue to go up and up.

Well done to the kids, keep up the great work in reminding us that we all have a part to play.

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What did you think of the Cappabue Schoolkids rap on climate change? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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