Top Picks for Free Online Games for Toddlers

Louise Kerrigan

June 4, 2015

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Getting your child started in the whole area of learning is a wonderful thing. Now more and more we have an increasing availability of online tools to help on this magnificent journey. Here are some top picks for free online games for toddlers you can try out with them, and all will provide some educational value too.

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#1.  ABC Zoo Learning Game

fisher price abc

Lets start with the basics! This easy to operate online game from Fisher Price will take your toddler through the basics of ABC. It illustrates a colourful interactive display of the alphabet and then the child is prompted to click on any letter and it will be represented by an animal. Has the full sound and visual effects with music to keep the child engaged.

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#2. Boris the Magician

boris the magician

This is a simple on line game from Happyclicks that allows your toddler to get used to clicking the keyboard keys. Boris the Magician is a little magic show where the child needs to click to enable the next action in the show to happen.

This site also includes a number of other similar easy “click to see action” games as well as moving to the next stage of “dragging and dropping”, “clicking and dragging” and generally getting used to working online!

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#3. Babyfirsttv


This is another real simple one from Babyfirsttv to get the toddlers started and familiar with the keys on a keyboard. Using just the SPACE and ENTER keys, your child can explore the entire website and move through the different games with ease.

Chose from Harry the Bunny, Peekaboo, Sammy & Eve or Bonny.  Together with them your child can play with vegetables, learn about colours and generally interact with all the characters through a different series of play with those two keys.  They’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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#4. Balls and Boxes

balls and boxes

Challenge your toddler to a bit more concentration and engagement. This is a lovely simple game  from knowledgeadventure where the balls jump out of the boxes and the child needs to drag them back into their original boxes.

It will reward them with points and allows them progress when they get it right and restart the game if they get it wrong. A good one for coordination and concentration.

#5. The Fungooms


Get a multitude of choice for toddlers with a great selection of interactive games to keep parent and toddler occupied for hours!

Select the individual character on the main screen and they then present you with a number of different options for that character to do; eg drive a car, play a musical instrument, blow up balloons or plant your very own garden. Caters for children from 0 – 7 years of age.

#6.  Nickjr

nickjrNickjr is a great go-to resource for toddlers whether they want to play, colour or read or create. Familiar characters like Peppa Pig, Dora and Friends, Alvinn and Paw Patrol are available on each of the game centers.

Play dress up with Alvinn, splash the puddles with Peppa, fly with Dora or simply make gingerbread men for tea!

Your child will need to follow basic on-line or audio instructions.

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#7. Owlieboo


Learn to press the keys, move the mouse or click and drag! All the time your child is learning  through the range of interactive requirements with the animals.

Fly a bird, make a gigsaw of a sheep, pollinate the flowers or swim with the dolphins.  Fun for hours!

#8. Hasbro


Chase the bad guys in a police car, ride an obstacle course with Chuck and friends, or go on an adventure with Monty Rex.

Hasbro has a lovely selection of really easy to access and free on-line games that kids and toddlers can jump straight into. Simple mouse clicks and arrow keys are all that’s needed.

#9. Thomas the Tank Engine

thomas the tank

Do you have any Thomas the Tank engine fans in your house? This is a great series of on line games from Sproutonline  for all those Thomas enthusiasts;  of which there are many out there! Fly with Harold and capture the balloons and score points or go on an online train journey, play a Sodor memory game or build a tank engine.

They all have a variety of levels so your toddlers as well as the older kids can enjoy.

Over to you?  Have you got a favourite online game that your toddler loves? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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