12 Brilliant Birthday Cake Ideas

birthday cake ideas

Are you looking for recipes for kids birthday cakes? Get some inspiration in our 12 Brilliant Birthday Cake Ideas, that the kids will just love. Many of the recipes would suit the birthday boy or girl, and all have been tried and tested by Mykidstime Mums!
birthday cake ideas

cakes-owl_0#1. Owl Cake

Inspired by her kids’ favourite book (Owl Babies), Karen, mum of 2, put together this delicious looking Owl Cake.

If you are looking for birthday cake ideas for girls that are a bit different and non-pink, this will hit the mark!

Equally suited for your little “prince” also!

3_little_pigs_cake#2. Three Little Pigs Cake

Mary Kate shared her fabulous Three Little Pigs Cake. Cake can be made using a loaf mixture/ madeira cake.

The ‘brick’ house was chocolate, for the ‘twig’ house we used chocolate fingers and for the ‘straw’ house we used shoelaces.

All the decorations including pigs, paths and houses, came from M&S.

Kids_Train_Cake#3. Train Cake

We love this Train Cake by Mum of 3 boys, Etain – a true work of cake-art that looks fantastic and has proved to be one of the family’s most popular birthday cakes.

Also ideal for birthday parties, as the cake is actually nine individual cakes, which makes it super easy to serve!

Could easily suit a birthday boy or girl.

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jellybean-rainbow-cake#4. Jellybean Rainbow Cake

Wow! Check out this stunning Jellybean Rainbow Cake from Catriona at Wholesome Ireland.

Essentially it’s a victoria sponge recipe based on Delia’s classic, and the key is how you colour and bake the mixture.

To keep it simple she flavoured every single layer and the frosting vanilla

. You will need time to put this together, but the end result is worth the effort!

Kids_princess_cake#5. Princess Cake

If you are looking for birthday ideas for girls, then this will go down a treat!

Katherine, Mum of 2, shared her stunning Princess Cake, that she made for her daughter.

Essentially 2 sponge cakes on top of each other, and decorated with a jelly/cream mixture.

One barbie-type doll, with legs removed provides the cake topper and is sure to delight your little princess.

#6. Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungry caterpillar cakeMost kids are very familiar with the hungry caterpillar book, so this Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake, by Katherine, Mum of 2, would be a winner with boys/girls.

Essentially an arrangement of cupcakes, it makes it very easy to serve at a party.


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