Free Kids Lunch Box Ideas Planner to Make You More Organised

Jennifer Buttner


August 27, 2015

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Are you stuck in a lunch box rut when trying to plans your child’s lunches for school or nursery? It may be easy (and your child may ask for) the same thing day in, day out, but everyone will soon get sick of that! Here’s a free kids’ lunch box ideas planner that you can use with your child to help make sure there’s plenty of variety (and no one gets bored!).

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When planning your child’s school lunch, it can be easy to revert to the norm – you’re running late, you know they generally eat it. But where’s the variety, and are you sure it’s healthy enough?

lunchboxHealthy lunches and snacks help children concentrate, learn and play throughout the day. A child’s diet should include fruit and vegetables, milk products, meat or alternatives, wholegrains and water, every day. You can include all this in your child’s lunch box, and still make it edible, interesting and desirable – all it takes is a little planning.

Our free printable monthly Lunch Box Planner lets you plan days, weeks, even the month ahead, so you can ensure that all the key food groups are being included, and that you add some variety.

Download and print out your Monthly Lunch Box planner today and break that lunch box rut!

Getting your child involved in the planning too will help them to understand the importance of varying their diet and make it more fun too. Once you plan your lunches for the week together – have your child write out, and help you with the shopping list for the week ahead.

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Over to you! How do you plan your child’s school lunches?



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Like this? Share it with your network!

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