10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids


October 20, 2011

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Are your kids fed up with the “same old same old” in their lunchboxes? Here are 10 lunch box ideas for kids, suggestions to help liven up their lunchbox and increase the “healthy”-factor as well…

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  1. Popcorn with a small amount of melted butter
  2. Mixed cheese cubes white and red cheese
  3. Cucumber smiles (cut each slice into half)
  4. White Bean Dip: blend a tin of cannelloni beans, garlic clove, chopped mint, chopped chives, chopped thyme with some olive oil, and pop into lunchbox with mini breadsticks
  5. Handful of Almonds or unsalted peanuts and some raisins, high in fibre
  6. Kiwi slices instead of apple slices
  7. Carrot sticks with lemon juice squeezed over
  8. Mini pitta pockets stuffed with tuna and low fat mayonnaise and bean sprouts mixed in for a bit of crunch
  9. Yoghurt rice cakes or dried Banana chips
  10. Cut up leftover chicken and place together with a small amount of lemon pepper and salt in a ziploc sandwich bag. Add a bag with apple slices and a small amount of peanut butter for dipping.

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Have you got good suggestions for variety for your child’s lunchbox? Tell us in the comments below!

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