Don’t Miss These 10 Back to School Hacks

help improve your child'w writing skills

It’s Back to School time and we have 10 great back to school hacks to simplify and organise the family chaos in association with MyStuff, Ireland’s favourite supplier of personalised name tag labels.

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#1. Easy Shoe Tips

Put stickers into your young child’s shoes to show them left foot and right foot. This way they can put their shoes on the correct foot by themselves. For older kids make sure to always label their shoes as many school shoes look very similar so if they end up taking shoes off in school, it’s much better they come home with their own shoes!

MyStuff have the perfect mini sized Shoe Labels that come in a set of 5 pairs – pre printed with your infant / small child’s name on them, making them perfect for labelling children’s shoes. They come in a pair of feet shaped labels, showing the left foot and the right foot, so along with their name, they can help teach small children which shoe goes on which foot.


And for older kids’ shoes they have handy Shoe Window Labels that you can use to convert compact or standard stick on labels into shoe labels, the shoe window label protects your child’s stick-on labels from wear and tear and helps it adhere to the inner sole of the shoe.

Mystuff Shoe Labels

As well as the shoe labels, MyStuff offer a full range of personalised name tag labels, the perfect solution for labelling school uniforms, sports gear, lunch-boxes and all your school supplies to ensure you can say goodbye to lost property. Choose from iron-on, stick-on and value packs of personalised name tag labels. Order online, by post or by phone and your labels will arrive 3 to 5 days later.

mystuff personalised labels

#2. Non Drip Ice Pack

A frozen, saturated sponge in a ziploc bag makes an ice pack that won’t drip all over when it melts


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#3. Handy Toothbrush Storage

Keep toothbrushes downstairs in the kitchen in a drawer with an organiser so they are on hand for busy mornings and brushing teeth doesn’t cause delays.


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#4. Storing Hair Elastics

Keep hair elastics organised on a carabiner clip making them easy to access on busy school mornings.


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#5. Preventing Head Lice

Spray hair with a tea tree solution before you leave the house to help prevent head lice.


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