Great Lunch Box Ideas for Kids from our Lunch Box Twitter Party

Jill Holtz

January 10, 2013

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We held our first ever Twitter Party on 10th January 2013 on the subject of kids lunch box ideas with the hashtag #lunchboxparty.  Here are some of the great tips for kids lunch box ideas that were contributed:

Deciding on lunch

@jenlucy: listen to your kids. If they don’t like it, don’t give to them. Stop food waste!

@wholesomeIE: Great advice from @BumblesofRice there. Key is not to give them too much choice!

@lhales: the kids choose what goes in choosing from options I set

@wholesomeIE: I think you need to look at it being sustenance and not have fights about forcing things that a child won’t eat anyway.

@mykidstime: school of thought that says involve them in the making of the lunches

@wholesomeIE: I think that’s easier when they’re older. For smallies it’s not as easy. Say from age 8 up….

@wholesomeIE: I give the 4yo the option of a wrap/crackers/bread/pitta & then 2 fillings. Always include fruit that he likes.

@BumblesofRice: it depends on what the child will eat. My two get different boxes- as much fruit/veg as I can make them eat

@wholesomeIE: Try to find out what their classmates are eating. Nothing like kids eating together to encourage new flavours.

@cailindana: always looking for new ideas for lunches. I try to give a portion of protein, dairy & fruit, with odd treat

@wholesomeIE: Remember the most important meals are the ones the kids eat with you so if the child doesn’t eat lunch it’s not a disaster.

@mykidstime it’s more important that they eat at lunch can always do variety at dinner

@wholesomeIE: If your child insists on eating the same thing everyday for lunch in school then don’t fret. You can vary their diet at home.

Lunch successes

@subkiteu: my top tip is chop chop chop chn eat more fruit veg salami etc at lunch time this way than in a sandwich!

@PaulaNLuke: I put chopped veg, grapes, apples in a small plastic cup and label it ‘shake me salad’ after my kids loved it

@cailindana: recently discovered son loves guacamole, so I pop some in little tub with plain tortillas for dipping

@jcdal: egg fried rice salad with chopped veggies and chicken or smoked salmon & cream cheese on BB/wraps swirls

@UnaMacSha: no. 3 not allowed nuts in Anything. Other 2 get Nutella on Fri :-(. Find wraps, crackers & roll win

@BumblesofRice: lunches- roll/wrap/bagel/sambo with mix of fillings, 2 pieces fruit and lunchbox treat like ricecake, muffin, cookie

@lhales: meatloaf using ground beef or Turkey and use lots of mixed veg, handy in wraps pitta or on its own

@7MJB: Some children bring pasta and children in Japan eat little balls of rice.

On the subject of equipment

@mykidstime: 5 lunchboxes recommended by parents

@FingalFoodie: Bento boxes (found on eBay) are fantastic for keeping foods separate. & adding interest.

@mykidstime: Used Sistema lunch boxes this year and last, can go in dishwasher and has separate sections for different bits

@7MJB: Green schools are cutting back on plastic & prefer chn to have a paper bag rather than plastic bag.

@mykidstime: anything washable really a bonus, those “fabric” style lunchbox/bags just end up stinky

@cailindana: another here recommending the sistema boxes. Also the @tupperware beakers are fab, no leaks!!!

@mykidstime: with compartment lunchboxes or small tubs don’t need plastic bags. Can also get paper lunch bags at superm’kt

@mykidstime: look out for or keep once grown the small toddler forks/spoons for future lunchboxes

Small break snack ideas

@fionatphelan: i pack a snack pot of grapes/berries and a snack pot of sesame sticks/cashew love opening them up

@mykidstime: mini rice cakes work well or big one buttered halved put together as a crescent to fit in the box and not smear the butter ;)

@fionatphelan: homemade flapjacks are great

@BumblesofRice: we love flapjacks and fruit muffins – apple flapjacks gorgeous And ones with seeds on too

@cailindana: carrot sticks with hummus dip is big hit in my sons lunchbox

@BumblesofRice: “secret surprise lunch”, creamcheese and pesto “dip” with carrot/cucumber sticks, fruit muffins, flapjacks

@BumblesofRice: Here’s our “secret surprise lunch” that’s a school salad – made night before, keep fridge

@7MJB: Apples, bananas, flapjacks, small sandwich/roll are handy for small break. Chn in older classes often bring this to yard

Tips & Shortcuts

@BumblesofRice: I always keep a spare pack of wraps in press or frozen rolls/mini bagels in freezer in case I run out of fresh

@country_ramblin: I freeze small yogurts so they are cold when lunch time comes round & they keep the whole lunch cool.

@BumblesofRice: On Sunday night I try to arrange fruit for the week, individually wrap ricecakes etc to cut down on weeknight lunch jobs

@cailindana: important to keep certain items cool in lunchbox, meat,chicken,egg mayo. Reusable ice packs are handy

@wholesomeIE: Be careful not to create loads of work for yourself when packing.

@wholesomeIE: use small coolbag and wrap each item in Cling or small tubs

@7MJB: Make sure your child has enough food. Some infants want to eat everything at small break!

@lhales: have frozen water or juice, need to pop it into a plastic bag the condensation can make things a bit wet

@TheDublinDiary: “Jamie’s Dinners” recommends freezing juice box and reckons it will defrost before lunch, keep the rest cool too

Fruit & Veg

@BumblesofRice: usually a small tub with mix of peppers and corn.

@mykidstime: we have always squeezed a little lemon juice on our apple slices

@BumblesofRice: cherry tomatoes, peppers, corn and cucumber are favourites in our house

@mykidstime: Have tried a few frozen peas before as they will defrost and help keep lunchbox cold…

@Coeliacpages: cucumber and tomato salad.Sugar snap peas and orange for 6 year old, great man eats veg before meat! great chat!

@mykidstime Lunchbox tip: include veggies as well as fruit portions. Try new ones you’ve never thought of like strips of swede/turnip

Keeping it healthy

@celaV: @mykidstime I thought I was clever, buying custard pots to sneak eggs into Small1’s diet. Ready-custard: no eggs #fail

@jcdal: the #fooddudes programme was a huge success should be mandatory and funded

@Coeliacpages: Kids encouraged to drink water in class in our school. #dentalhealth. Fooddude programme run last year was fantastic.

@7MJB: It’s very important to give your child a bottle of water. Children get v thirsty working and after yard.

@BumblesofRice: healthy lunch policies? Our playschool has no junk/nuts/crisps/cake/buns/fizzy except once a term

@Coeliacpages: Our kids school has healthy eating policy. My kids love raw veg, cheese, water bottles. Food dudes! Milk with snack at home.

Useful links

@mykidstime: here’s our Mykidstime Pinterest Board on Lunchbox Ideas

@wholesomeIE: Great idea! How to pack an apple in a lunchbox & stop it going brown!

@gimmetherecipe: I prep the ingredients and kids assemble their own lunches, links to useful tables at end of this post

@mykidstime: Free lunchbox ideas e-book available to download

@bordbia: Healthy lunch box & snack ideas

@Caccabus: this is a useful place for ideas MuffinTinMeals

@cailindana: @annabelkarmel has some great recipes and ideas on her site for lunches.

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Have you got other tips for lunchboxes? Share them with us in the comments below

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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