6 Great Lunch Boxes Recommended by Parents


Are you looking for the best lunch box for your kids – a lunch box that little fingers can open, yet doesn’t burst in a schoolbag by mid-morning? It’s not easy to find a balance between a lunch box that will hold the essentials, and not take up all the space in a school bag. We asked Mykidstime parents to recommend their favourites, and why – here are 6 Great Lunch Boxes Recommended by Parents!

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#1. Sistema Lunch Boxes


Sistema Lunch BoxesThese stylish colourful, lunch boxes come in a range of sizes with multi compartment options to keep food and snacks separated – something to suit everyone’s lunch needs.

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“I bought sistema ones in home store and more. They are easy to get into but the lid won’t come off on it’s own. The water bottles are great as they don’t leak. The cost for box and bottle was approx €10 for 6 year old and €6 for a 3 year old” – Lisa

“I had 3 x sistema ones last yr type with compartments but all 3 broke! So have gone for plain box type sistema this year, as they are BPA free.”- Lynzie

Available from Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com and from other retailers.

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#2. Smash Lunch Boxes


despicable me Smash lunch boxesSmash lunch boxes and insulated bags and bottles come in a range of colours and designs including this Despicable Me Minion lunch box/bag and bottle.

Key Features

  • The lunch box is PVC free with a PEVA food safe lining that can be wiped clean.
  • It features thermal insulation to keep food warm or cool.
  • Padded carry handle.
  • Panel on back to personalise.

“We got a smash one last year in Tesco. I think it was about €15  but it lasted the whole year. Easy to clean as you can put in washing machine.” – Rachel

“Smash are great and bpa free” – Lynda

“Smash are amazing, used them last year & have got new ones for this year & like others have said they are BPA free. My sons have no problem opening them either and they only cost €4. Bargain!” – Samantha

“Our boy & girl both love SMASH…funky & brilliant value” – Sandra

Smash lunch boxes are available from Amazon.co.uk & other retailers.

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#3. Neoprene Tote Lunch Boxes & Bags

neoprene lunchbagDescription

I love these funky Neoprene thermal lunch tote boxes &bags from iColor. They come with an insulated lunchbox and are water resistant. And they can be purchased in a variety of designs and colours.

Key Features

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Keep food warm or cool
  • Zip for easy closing and opening
  • Handle allows for easy carrying
  • Easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine.

Sold by Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com & other retailers.
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#4. Polar Gear Lunch Bags


Polar Gear Lunch BoxesThe Polar Gear Dual Compartment Lunch Cooler is an ideal storage solution for your day’s lunch and snacks, providing an insulated storage solution that is able to keep food and drinks cool.

Key Features

  • Dual Compartment, for keeping drinks and food separate
  • Durable easy clean fabric ensures that your lunch bag will remain looking like new
  • Thick squashy insulation for better cooling and better protection
  • Easy Cleaning reflective lining
  • Distinctive colour suitable for kids and adults
  • Cooling effect for up to 3 hours
  • Soft comfortable handle

“I have the polar gear little ones lunch bag for my son. Got it when I went back to work – it took all his food abc bottles for the day back then and we still use it now for his snacks and nappies etc when we are heading out for the day” – Claire

“I like the polar gear cool bags as they’ve plenty of space. Bought the sistema ones last year but found compartments very shallow so couldn’t fit the likes of an apple or yoghurt pot in them. Very annoying!” –  Tara

Available in different colours from Amazon.co.uk & other retailers.

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#5. Black & Blum Lunch Pot


Lunch Boxes for KidsThe Black & Blum Lunch Pot is perfect for salads, noodles, pasta or even cereal as it has 2 leak proof pots that sit on top of each other and comes with a handy spork. Food does not stay warm in it for very long but both containers can be microwaved so it is just as handy for adults as it is for kids.

Key Features

  • Watertight locking seal
  • Includes a spork and has a carry strap
  • Once lunch is over the smaller pot fits into the larger one
  • BPA Free

“These pots work well as a school lunch box as I can add pasta to the larger pot and fruit to the smaller one. Once my daughter finishes her lunch she pops the smaller pot into the larger one”. –  Adrienne

Available from Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com & other retailers.

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#6. Takeaway boxes!

Lunch Boxes takeaway boxes

One of our parents made a great suggestion of re-using their takeaway boxes.

“My kids have cute lunch bags, hello kitty, angry birds etc but the actual lunch boxes are the boxes our chinese takeaways come in! They are the perfect size, easy to open, dish washer safe, and FREE! ” – Lynda

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Do you or your child have a favourite lunch box? Let us know in the comments below!

6 Great Lunch Boxes Recommended by Parents

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