25 Super Scrummy Easy Chicken Recipes For Family Meals

Jill Holtz

January 5, 2020

25 Super Scrummy Chicken Recipes for Family Meals

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Chicken is definitely a popular meat for family dinners but if you find yourself getting in a meal rut you may want to change up your meal plan and try some different chicken recipes.

We’ve rounded up 25 Super Scrummy Easy Chicken Recipes, all tried and tested and declared a winner for family dinner or lunch time!

Easy Chicken Recipes

From casseroles to bakes to pasta, and from lunch to dinner, we hope you find these 25 ideas for easy chicken recipes inspiring for your family meal planning.

#1. Chorizo Chicken Bean Stew

Chorizo Chicken Bean Stew

From Donal Skehan’s “Home Cooked”, we bring you his Chorizo Chicken Bean Stew recipe.

Chorizo adds a wonderful warmth and subtle heat to this great chicken stew. Donal says he uses plum tomatoes here as they have a much better flavour than chopped tomatoes.

#2. Delicious Homemade Chicken Goujons

delicious homemade chicken goujons

This delicious Homemade Chicken Goujons recipe has been tried and tested in our house and it’s been thumbs up each time I’ve made it.

There’s also a delicious yoghurt-based honey mustard dip to accompany the chicken and top the dish off – yum!

#3. Easy BBQ Chicken Wings

easy bbq chicken wings

This BBQ chicken wings recipe uses Marmite! Yes Marmite, but before you Marmite-haters say yuk, this way of cooking them allows the yeast extract to intensify the flavour of the meat.

By the time they are cooked you won’t even taste the Marmite and instead you’ll get a “umami” flavour that it lends to the dish. They really are fingerlickin’ good!

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#4. Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soup

This delicious warming Chicken Noodle Soup is made using a roast chicken carcass, giving a third meal from my roast and helping to keep the cost of another dinner way down. The kids also love this soup.

You don’t need a huge amount of supplies because I use frozen peas and sweetcorn.

#5. Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken

This is a coronation chicken recipe which I use for my leftover roast chicken, particularly if I’ve made a roast on a Sunday.

You can tweak the fillings to the tastes that your children have and I prefer it on crackers but it’s perfect in wraps, sandwiches, pitta breads and on its own.

#6. White Chicken Chili

white chicken chili with cannellini beans

We love this White Chicken Chili stew served with warmed tortillas or bacon corn muffins.

It makes a nice alternative to the traditional beef chilli recipes.

#7. Cheddar Chicken Salad

Everyone loves this cheddar chicken salad lead

There are 101 ways to make chicken salad, but this is one of our favourites: cheddar chicken salad. It’s perfect for school lunches, picnics, birthday parties or any other place where you aren’t sure how picky the eaters are going to be. Everyone enjoys it!

#8. Summer Chicken Broth

Summer Chicken Broth

This summer chicken broth soup recipe is gluten, dairy and virtually low fat along with being low GI. The broth is also made with vegetables from the garden along with being low salt. It is an easy chicken soup because you can prepare all the vegetables in advance, chill them, then warm at the last minute in stock.

#9. Chicken and Chorizo Hash

Chicken and Chorizo Hash

This chicken and chorizo hash recipe makes a lovely mid-week dinner. The chorizo lends the dish a smoky, paprika-infused richness and transforms it from being just another ho-hum chicken dinner into something with a bit more kick.


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#10. Slow Roast Chicken

This Slow Roast Chicken Recipe Will Transform Your Sunday Roast

This slow roast chicken is unbelievably moist – roasting it at such a low temperature makes it almost impossible to dry out – and the flavours of the lemon, garlic and rosemary in the cavity really penetrate into the meat.

If you know you’ll be home all afternoon, there is no better dinner to make, as you can bask in the amazing aromas that will drift out from your kitchen for hours.

#11. Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

asian chicken pasta salad

From our Recipe boards on our MyKidsTime Pinterest, this delicious Asian chicken pasta salad combines pasta, salad leaves and an Asian-style dressing. Great for a lunch or light summer dinner. You can marinade the chicken and pasta the night before as well.

#12. Chicken Legs with Lime and Ginger

chicken drumsticks with lime and ginger

Summer time and the cooking is easy (or at least it should be!). This recipe for chicken drumsticks with lime and ginger is delicious and really quick to throw together.

You can either have them hot as part of a BBQ dinner or cold to take on a picnic.

#13. Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

creamy cajun chicken pasta

This Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta recipe allows your kids to be adventurous with the cajun element, but the pasta and chicken will be familiar favourites that will encourage them to eat it. This dish is also very quick to make and plate.

#14. Chorizo and Chicken Quesadillas


Some days you just want something that can be done in a matter of minutes – and that’s where these chorizo and chicken quesadillas are the perfect solution! Not only are they quick and easy to prepare (it’s really just an assembly job), you can also make them with whatever is in the fridge.

#15. Lili Forberg’s Honey Sesame Chicken

Lili Forberg Honey Sesame Sticky Chicken recipe - Mykidstime

Packed with flavour, this tasty recipe for honey sesame chicken from Lili Forberg’s new book Lili’s Family Favourites is definitely one to try!

Lili says “I usually do the chicken in the air fryer – while that’s cooking, you can prep the rest, and you end up using less oil.”

#16. Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Green Curry

Creamy Thai green chicken curry is such a warming, delicious dinner – and tastes just as good the following day if you’re like me and LOVE leftovers!

If you’ve never tried curry before, this is a great introduction. And getting your child to help prepare it will make it more likely for them to try it too.

#17. Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas

Fajitas are a hugely fun dinner and I get asked for them all the time! These easy chicken fajitas are packed full of flavour and you can create your own delicious combo of toppings each time. Messy, yes. Delicious, definitely!

Not only do these chicken fajitas taste delicious, there is lots of hands-on, make-it-yourself fun to be had. I think that might be why they’re requested so often!

#18. Grilled Chicken with Gremolata

grilled chicken with gremolata

This recipe for Grilled Chicken with Gremolata was adapted from Giada’s Family Dinners by Giada De Laurentiis. In the (likely) event that rain ruins your BBQ plans and you can’t use the grill, just cook the chicken in your oven or on a ridged grill pan on the hob instead.

If you haven’t heard of gremolata, it’s a herby sauce usually made from parsley, lemon zest and finely chopped garlic. It’s a great way to add a hit of punchy flavour to bbq meats, salads, pasta and more.

#19. Catherine Fulvio’s Chicken Pasta Bake

chicken pasta bake

Catherine Fulvio’s Chicken Pasta Bake has a secret ingredient the kids won’t know is in there but which adds extra flavour!

It’s so easy to whizz it up, especially during term time, when everything is very hectic.

#20. Chicken and Sweetcorn Potato Cakes

These Chicken and Sweetcorn Potato Cakes are Great for Snacks

I usually make these chicken and sweetcorn potato cakes for my children when they get in from school, it makes a change from sandwiches and keeps them going until dinner-time.

I often chop up the leftover roast potatoes from the Sunday roast instead of grating raw potatoes and this works just as well.

#21. Crispy Chicken with Pancetta and Butter Beans

chicken with pancetta and butter beans

This Crispy Chicken with Pancetta and Butter Beans recipe is really one for mid-week, squash the butterbeans into the sauce and you’ll have no need for rice or pasta.

Serve it with crusty bread so everyone can dip away into the sauce with its delicious flavours.

#22. Chicken Fried Rice

chicken fried rice recipe

I make this fried rice recipe every week using either leftover chicken or pork, and it’s a lovely way of using up leftovers. If it doesn’t all get eaten on the night, my children take it to school for lunch the next day. Feel free to adapt the recipe with whatever meat and/or veggies you have in the fridge.

The most important thing when it comes to making this chicken fried rice recipe is that it is very quick to cook, so having all the different elements ready to go before you start cooking is important. A few minutes of prep will make all the difference!

#23. Chicken and Lentil Casserole

chicken and lentil casserole

If you are looking for healthy family dinner ideas to change up your weekly family meals, then try this delicious chicken and lentil casserole recipe created by Andrew Rudd.

He says, “This is such an easy dish to prepare and cook using your slow cooker. More importantly, it has incredible depth of flavour resulting mainly from the slow cooking process. Using the slow cooker also simplifies the process and means that you don’t have to worry about overcooking and spoiling the dish.”

#24. Chorizo Stuffed Roast Chicken

Change up your Sunday Roast with Chorizo Stuffed Roast Chicken

The addition of chorizo to this stuffing for this delicious Chorizo Stuffed Roast Chicken brings an extra dimension to the stuffing and gently flavours the chicken too.

For chicken sandwiches late at night or the next day this stuffing is divine!!

#25. Chicken and Cauliflower Bake

chicken and cauliflower bake

I was never a huge fan of cauliflower until I tried it roasted and the flavour amazed me. So now cauliflower is on our regular shopping list and we try different recipes out. This Chicken and Cauliflower Bake is ready in under 30 minutes which makes it a winner, and is a good way to use up leftovers from Sunday dinner as well.

25 Super Scrummy Chicken Recipes for Family Meals

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