Reindeer Poop!


If you are looking for some gifts to make with the kids this Christmas, then here’s a novel Christmas gift idea from a Mykidstime parent: Reindeer or Snowman poop!

Sabrina says, “My Dad and brother-in-law had a great laugh last Christmas especially as the children had made them.  Children will love making this gag gift (mine do – especially boys).

You will need :chocolate nuts_reindeer poop_photopin

  • 1 jam jar
  • 1 stick on label or paper and tape
  • Chocolate raisins or chocolate nuts
  • Mini marshmallows (optional for “snowman poop”)

How to Make :

  1. Take the clean jam jar and fill with chocolate raisins or chocolate nuts.
  2. Write on the label or paper ”Reindeer Poop” and stick to jar.
  3. There are many poems online that you can add to it if you wish, e.g.:

You’ve been naughty 

so here’s the scoop. . .

You’re getting nothing

But Reindeer poop!

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Have you made Reindeer poop or snowman poop before? let us know what you thought of it in the comments below

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photo credit: surfzone™ via photopin cc

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