10 Quick Halloween Hacks

Jill Holtz

October 25, 2014

halloween hacks

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We know how busy life as a parent is and Halloween can be extra busy with parties and costumes and decorations to make. Here are 10 Quick Halloween Hacks to help make life easier:

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Halloween Hacks: Quick Healthy Halloween Snacks

Cut bananas in half, add chocolate chip eyes and mouths. And a piece of celery into a tangerine or satsuma for the stalk and hey presto you have healthy but cute Halloween snacks.

halloween hacks

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Halloween Hacks: The Fright Factor

Add rubber/plastic spiders to water or juice in ice cube trays like Fahrenheit350 did, and you instantly create a spooky drink!

halloween hacks

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Halloween Hacks: First Impressions Count

Make a scream-worthy slithering snake doormat by using rubber snakes, cut them in two to create different lengths arranged along edge of a board so some are slithering in under the mat and some are slithering out. Glue the snakes to the board’s edges. Set the under your doormat, and arrange the snakes to their fullest spooking potential.

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Halloween Hacks: High Impact, Low Effort

Wrap juice cartons in white tape and stick googley eyes on to make Mummy Juice Boxes.

halloween hacks


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