Broaching the Subject of Your Daughter’s First Period

Jill Holtz

February 21, 2012

mother and daughter talking

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Is your daughter getting close to puberty? Are you wondering how to start talking about the subject of periods which can be awkward? Here are my top ten tips for broaching the subject of your daughter’s first period:

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As a Mum of two daughters, I am aware of how quickly they can grow up and the changes that can suddenly creep up on you! The first signs that something was happening was the fact that my daughter had suddenly turned into a different being! All of a sudden there were more ‘sighs’ and more ‘stomping’ and, oh my goodness, one day she actually answered me back!! Who was this stranger living in my house? Where was my little fairy princess who skipped around in her ballet shoes and covered the dog in glitter?

Here’s what I recommend:

#1. Ease into it

Start by perhaps asking her if she knows anything about the facts of life? Have a book such as ‘What’s happening to me?’ (published by Usborne) or similar to hand. Explain to her that this is a book about the facts of life and if she would like to read it she can ask you questions if she has any.

#2. Arrange a girly evening together

Suggest that you have a girly evening and choose a day for it.

#3. Set the scene

Ensure that you are alone and that you have some privacy. Get into your pjs and light candles.

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#4. Organise some treats

Choose a girly film to watch together and some nice munchies such as popcorn and chocolate.

#5. Praise her

Sit your daughter down and tell her you are so proud of her and how she is turning into a young lady.  Bring up all of the good things she has done lately.

#6. Explain to her

Explain that when you were a girl you had lots of questions and how you felt confused and emotional at times. Bring up how hormones can cause these ups and downs.


#7. Tell her about hormones

Explain what hormones do…how they cause the changes in her body. Suggest you go and get her first bra together.

#8. Give her the facts

Explain the facts to her about periods and why they happen and for how long, etc.

#9. Help her get started on her journey

Give her a gift box or starter pack with all the pads, etc. that she needs to start her on her journey.

#10. Reassure her

Hug! And let her know that if she has any questions she can come to you anytime. Point her in the direction of websites such as Funky Goddess, which have more information about periods. Then, settle down together and enjoy your girly evening!

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Like this? Share it with your network!


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