20 Changes in Us When You and Me become Mommy & Daddy


April 16, 2015

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feet-224680_64011. You will never again sleep a whole night just the two of you in your bed. Move over Mommy and Daddy, it’s the kids bed now. Prepare for kicks to the back along with a foot in your mouth, and a corner of the blanket to try to keep warm as you all hang over the edge of the bed.

12. “An early night” is no longer code for something else, an early night means I need sleep, don’t dare touch me….

13. Spontaneity goes out the window. Everything must now be planned like a military operation. Those last minute plans to pop into town for the day are gone. A day out now means packing up like you are going on a Ryanair flight, nappies, wipes, change of clothes x 2, buggy, rain cover, bottles, drinks and enough food to keep them from driving you insane on the car journey.

14. Also be prepared to have to cancel or change any plans at the last minute, Kids are very unpredictable and surely someone will vomit, throw a major tantrum or run a high temperature just before you are about to leave the house.

15. A romantic night away is all about catching up on much needed sleep.

16. That Friday feeling of looking forward to dinner and drinks with your other half after a week of work is now replaced by excitement at the seeing the new set on The Late Late Show. Sad I know!!!!

17. When your kids say something adorable and make your heart melt, you look at each other and smile, and know that he feels exactly the same way you do about these fabulous people you created together.

18.  You have a bond that wasn’t there before your children. You look at each other in a whole new light, seeing your husband as a great daddy makes you love him all the more.

19. You become a great team, you have a family to look after together and their happiness is the most important thing in the world for both you and your partner.

20. You will laugh more and play silly games together, because it make your kids laugh. And hearing them laugh is the best fun in the world for you both.

This post is by Blogger Sandra Harty, Mommy to Finn and Millie. She has a passion for all things beauty and fashion, and also love to share personal stories and tales of motherhood, on her blog A Modern Mommy’s World. You can also follow Sandra on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Over to you! Anything else you would add to this list, that changes when you become parents? Let us know in comments below.



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