20 Tips for Avoiding Toddler Tantrums at the Supermarket

Jennifer Buttner


February 6, 2014

toddler tantrums

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Toddler tantrums are the dread of all parents, and even more so, when your little darlings decide to have their meltdown in public! Invariably, you will be half-way round the supermarket aisles, or at the checkout, with a full trolley when they decide to “let loose”. So if you have no choice but to bring the kids with you shopping, here’s 20 tips for avoiding toddler tantrums at the supermarket.

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#1. Be sure you have a list and stick to it.

#2. In fact, before you leave home, get the kids to do the shopping list – older ones could write down items while younger ones can check presses and fridge to see if item needed. This will get them involved with the shopping before you ever leave the house.

#3. Explain to the kids before you go, that only items on list will be bought – no matter how many times they ask/scream/try to sneak forbidden items in to trolley.

#4. Make sure to go at a time when your child is not tired. Try to make that your one big errand of the day so that they don’t get tired before the supermarket.

#5. Make sure kids are fed before ever attempting a supermarket visit – if not, be prepared for “I’m hungry” as soon as you pass through the door. In fact, make sure you are not hungry either – never shop on an empty stomach!

#6. If they are hungry – head straight to fruit/veg aisle for some apples, or bring a snack from home.

#7. Before you go in, remind your child of the rules and what is expected of them in the shop. Tell them they are going to be in the trolley seat because sitting inside the trolley is dangerous, or that you expect them to hold your hand.

#8. Have a planned route through supermarket and do not deviate to toy/dvd/sweet and crisp aisles. Explain to the kids that you will not be visiting these aisles!

#9. Ask for their input on the shopping list to make them feel involved. “Do we need apples?” “What colour washing up liquid should we get?”

#10. Give the kids a job. Get them to help find and pick the items off the shelves and put them in the trolley or basket themselves too, making sure you praise them.

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