20 Tips for Avoiding Toddler Tantrums at the Supermarket


#11. Bring “distraction” items for younger kids – perhaps a book or toy for trolley-bound toddlers.

#12. Bring a small calculator and let kids tot up as you go along.

#13. Get a small trolley that the kids can push around, if your supermarket has them,  or let them carry a basket with couple of items themselves.


#14. Play a simple game such as “I Spy” as you go around.

#15. Say something about the positive behavior being displayed “Look at you sitting in the trolley so nicely!”

toddler tantrum

#16. Involve your child in the shopping, e.g. ask him which juice he would like, if he would like to hold the cereal, etc.

#17. If the tantrum is about to start tell them the cross manager is working!

#18. Look out for common tantrum triggers for your child – too hot/too cold/hungry/tired/thirsty.

#19. And if they begin to have a tantrum just look away and ignore until the tantrum is over. Don’t mind what other people think, they will just be happy it isn’t their child at that moment! Don’t go out of sight, but leave them to their tantrum. Walk down the aisle a bit, wait a minute or two to see if they calm down by themselves (which they often do when they realise you’re not listening to them).

#20. Try to distract them by getting really excited about something on the shelf. “Oh look! This is the jam we have on our list. Come quickly and see if you can reach it for me!”

The best advice of course is ….escape to the supermarket without the kids!

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Over to you now. What’s your best tip for avoiding toddler tantrums? Tell us in the comments below. 

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