21 Things that Parents Hate about Christmas


Parents do love Christmas really (most of the time) as it’s all about the kids, and their excitement. But there are a few things about the festive season that drive us a little mad! Here are 21 things that parents hate about Christmas!

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#1. The expense!!!

#2. Realising at 10 p.m. Christmas Eve that you have no batteries for toys.

#3. Realising at 10 p.m. Christmas Eve that there are 1,000 step instructions to assemble a toy.

#4. Writing hundreds of Christmas cards.

#5. Running out of cellotape on Christmas Eve.

#6. When you get a Christmas card from someone and you haven’t sent one to them and it’s too late to send one.

#7.Homemade christmas gift ideas for kids Running out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve.

#8. Having to move the presents around the hiding places in the house.

#9. The endless queues in toy shops.

#10. When an older sibling tries to spoil Santa for a younger one.

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#11. Having to keep up with the Jones’ in school… “Peter is getting a iPad so I want one too”.

#12. The hassle of cooking a traditional dinner while trying to impress the in-laws. (“Is that real stuffing?”) (If you’re stuck, here’s How to Cook a Turkey in 8 Easy Steps)

#13. All the calories gained from excess eating & drinking.

#14. Not having someone to take the kids for the day after the work Christmas party.

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#15. Kids changing their mind after Santa finished getting presents.

#16. The endless toy ads on TV.

Christmas Shpping#17. The endless present ads on TV.

#18. Having to transport presents to in-laws in covert trips.

#19. Selection boxes, Christmas sweets & decorations on sale way too early, so you start shopping earlier each year, thinking you’re spreading the expense, when in fact you spend more & buy too much.

#20. The boredom that sets in during the last few days of the school Christmas holidays. (Just in case here’s 50 Christmas Activities for Kids)

#21. That you would nearly need a chain-saw to get some of the toys out of their packaging on Christmas morning.
21 Things that Parents Hate about Christmas

Over to you! Anything that bugs you about Christmas? Share it with us in the comments below.

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