25 Reasons You Know You Are Raising Twins


October 21, 2015

How You Know You are a Mum to Twins

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Having twins in the family is a lot of fun, and plenty of work too, according to Mums of twins we spoke to! From not being able to get babysitters, to becoming multi-tasking ninjas, here are 25 Reasons You Know Are Raising Twins.

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You Know You are Raising Twins When…

baby swim#1. You can’t sign up for baby swim classes, unless you bring a friend along to take one twin!

#2. You become obsessed with trolley’s / shopping carts that hold 2 children and stalk / berate people who take them when they only have a single child or, worse still, no child!

Some of you have even arrived at the shops and have had to leave empty-handed, hungry and grumpy as you have not been able to track down the elusive twin trolley!

#3. When you are super impressed by a parent with triplets.

Mum to Twins#4. When you can do as much with your feet as you can with your hands! This includes everything from feeding, to holding one back while changing the other, or bouncing both in their chairs while you try and drink a cup of coffee to stay awake!  You are a multitasking ninja!

#5. When you don’t or can’t just ‘pop out’ anywhere! And every journey requires a buggy / stroller.

#6. When you have a boy/girl twin combo and you dress him in her clothes and put his on her!

#7. You call non-multiple children singletons.

#8. When you have been asked a million times “is there a history of twins in your family?”

So just to save you repeating yourself – Fraternal Twins (non identical twins) run in families and identical twins don’t. Any by the way it is a myth that they skip a generation!

Twins#9. Other questions you have to answer ……

  • NO, they are not identical (particularly when they are boy/girl twins).
  • Yes they are natural
  • No we didn’t plan them
  • Yes I have my hands full.
  • Did you have them yourself? How very personal!

#10. As they get older you dread opening a party invitation in case one has not been invited!

#11. When you have 8 car seats just for the twins; 2 for your car, 2 for your husbands, 2 for your Mum and Dad, and 2 for his Mum and Dad!

Twin Girls#12. When you become pregnant again, and people ask if you want to know the sex of the child, but your only concern now is how many!

#13. When nobody wants to babysit for you.

#14. When you can only talk in plural.

#15. When an industrial size pack of wipes only lasts a day.

#16. When you consider the need for a second washing machine!

#17. When you are relieved when they start walking, as they are getting too heavy to carry, and it is simpler to chase the two of them around than try to carry both.

Twins in Stroller#18. When your buggy / stroller is needed for every task.

#19. When you make your car purchase on how big the boot is, and if the buggy / stroller will fit along with shopping etc.

#20. When you bring them to developmental checks and you really can’t remember which twin rolled or which one stood!

#21. When dinnertime looks like a restaurant production line.

#22. When you can’t remember which twin you fed first last time.

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Twin Brothers#23. When you have to ask them who you are talking to (on the phone or from another room!)

#24. When you have to run your home like an SAS soldier to get through each day!

#25. When you have not written their names on the back of pictures, and now you can’t tell which one is which!

You all advise new Mums of twins to take some individual pictures too and make sure to write the name, so you know who was who later.

25 Reasons You Know You Are Raising Twins

Are you a Mum to twins? Please share your thoughts on being a Mum to twins in the comments box below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!


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