25 Reasons You Know You’re Mom to a Girl

Jennifer Buttner


July 31, 2014

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We know not all girls are girlie-girls and that boys like dressing up and pink too, but here are 25 reasons you know you’re Mom to a girl! And if you’ve a boy, here’s 28 Reasons You Know You’re Mum to a Son.

1. Pink is suddenly a colour of which you have become aware, and it’s “spreading” though your house.

2. You know most, if not all, of the Disney princesses by name.

3. You’ve amassed a large dressing-up box, filled with princess dresses, tutus, and princess slippers/shoes that are truly dangerous to walk in!

4. You discover that there are a multitude of magazines available to buy at exorbitant cost “for the free gift” they must have.

5. Your shoes go missing regularly as she borrows them to play dress-up

6. Your make up bag becomes an object of fascination.

7. Your house becomes strewn with hair bands, ties and “go-gos”.

8. Your perfume gets borrowed and sprayed liberally about, plus all your make-up/lipstick/eyeshadows, as they trial makeovers.

9. Another girl tells your daughter they aren’t friends anymore.

10. You find glitter everywhere.

11. You find Polly Pockets/Barbies/My Little Pony/Sylvanian Families/Littlest Petshop everywhere around the house, and have most likely stood on them!

12. You know Claire’s Accessories inside out.

13. You know the lyrics to Let It Go off by heart (see the Let It Go Frozen Mom version)

14. You find yourself googling or looking on YouTube for how to do a fishbraid.


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