25 Reasons You Know You’re Mom to a Girl


15. You find yourself having a manicure or pedicure at the home made salon set up in your living room for the nth time.

16. You find stickers everywhere.

17. Screeches & screams are part of their laugh – screaming because its so much fun to be swinging so high or because you found them when playing hide & go seek!

18. You now know all the members of One Direction/Little Mix/(substitute other boy or girl band).

19. You regularly have tea parties and play shop, doctors, school.

21. Dolls and prams are toys of choice.

22. You have donated a press/drawer in your kitchen to an impressive collection of art supplies. And you’re walls are filled with their artwork.

23. You have gone out in public with your daughter wearing a tutu/nightie/princess dress, because it just wasn’t worth the fight!

24. You are by now probably an expert loom bander!

25. Her bedroom is chock-a-block with cuddly toys but they’re always seems to be room for one more!

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