33 Lies Parents Tell Kids


Ever lied to your child to stop them having a tantrum? Ever told them a fib for their own good?  Here are 33 lies parents tell children:


#1. I can’t open that, we’ll have to wait for Dad (or Mum)

#2. No, I don’t know where that noisy toy/annoying game went to

#3. No, I don’t know where that picture you drew went

#4. Watching too much tv will damage your eyesight

#5. If you go outside with wet hair, you will get ill

#6. Oh sorry, I didn’t bring any money with me

#7. We can come back and buy that toy/magazine/sweet next time

#8. I will walk away and leave you if you don’t stop crying/screaming

#9. Santa Claus is watching you / If you don’t behave, I’ll call Santa and tell him not to come to our house this year

#10. The Tooth Fairy will leave a coin if you leave your tooth under the pillow

#11. Ooh the Easter Bunny came

#12. We’re almost there or It’s just around the corner

#13. It’s beautiful/fantastic, I love it

#14.This won’t take long

#15. Don’t swallow your chewing gum it will take 7 years to digest

#16. No, it won’t hurt

#17. Don’t swim for an hour after eating

#18. If you make that face again, your face will freeze that way

#19. Your fish/hamster went to live with their friends in the ocean/hamster farm

#20. Runner beans make you run faster

#21. I’d love you to go and play with X (child) but their mummy said no/works

#22. It would be great if we could visit X tomorrow but they’re gone away on holidays

#23. I asked Mummy/Daddy about this before but she/he said no (when you know they’ll have forgotten the request by the time the other parent gets home)

#24. The music on the ice cream van only plays when they’ve run out of ice cream

#25. The machine is broken (about those ride on things that you see in every shopping centre)

#26. It’s such a pity I’m allergic to cat/dog/hamster/animal hair/fur (as an excuse for not getting a pet)

#27. Stop running in the supermarket – the manager is watching you

#28. If you don’t brush your teeth they will fall out like grandad’s!

#29. If you keep digging in your nose like that, your finger will fall off

#30. If you eat crusts, your hair will get curly/straight, depending on preference. 

#31. Eat your carrots, they are good for your eyes.  Ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?

#32. No, we are all out of batteries

#33. Yes this selection of dried fruit really are jellies

Have you found yourself telling a lie to your child (for their own good of course)? Share it with us in the comments below

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    • aoife swan

      Mammy’s have a magic spell that keeps all monsters/witches/wolves out of houses so they can’t be hiding behind the door/wardrope/under the bed.

  • sandra

    Yes. It’s true. Opening up this container of talcum power will keep the monsters out of your bedroom.

  • Sarah Hadfield

    Show me your tongue, if your lying to me it will be black! (by the time they get to the mirror its gone because I caught them out or they told the truth).

    Of course the internet isn’t turned off (older children) There must be a national problem!

  • cinda

    No we don’t playing the lying game in my house. I refuse to lie to my kids about any holiday I work too hard for my money for some man name santa to take all the credit! !

    • Gert

      Wouldn’t want them to enjoy a gift without being beholden would we….

      • vicky

        A little holiday cynical? Holiday magic is good for everyones soul.

    • pamela

      That’s really sad.. I understand that people have their own values, but children not experiencing the Joy, excitement, their little imaginations running wild with wonder and anticipation. The ” Magic” of the Easter Bunny Tooth Fairy and Santa lost BC you’d rather have the Credit of buying the gifts!? How truly Grateful are young children? They may of course be over joyed for a moment and mannerful saying ” please and thank you” but how many know and understand real gratitude? When they are older and understand theyll look back at all their favorite times They will Then be gratful to you for all the Selfless acts. Letting their imaginations grow and providing them with unforgettable necessary childhood memories. At that point they’ll know You spent your hard earned money. When they’re young let them have their magic BC when they’re older and have to deal with the reality of this cruel world; They will Thank you for giving them a time when they just belived .

  • Helen

    If you keep making that face, and the wind changes, your face will stay that way.