33 Lies that Parents Tell Kids

Jill Holtz

May 2, 2013

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Ever lied to your child to stop them having a tantrum?  Ever told them a fib for their own good?  Here are 33 lies that parents tell children:

dad telling lies

#1. I can't open that, we'll have to wait for Dad (or Mum)

#2. No, I don't know where that noisy toy/annoying game went to

#3. No, I don't know where that picture you drew went

#4. Watching too much tv will damage your eyesight

#5. If you go outside with wet hair, you will get ill

#6. Oh sorry, I didn't bring any money with me

#7. We can come back and buy that toy/magazine/sweet next time

#8. I will walk away and leave you if you don't stop crying/screaming

#9. Santa Claus is watching you / If you don't behave, I'll call Santa and tell him not to come to our house this year

#10. The Tooth Fairy will leave a coin if you leave your tooth under the pillow

#11. Ooh the Easter Bunny came

#12. We're almost there or It's just around the corner

#13. It's beautiful/fantastic, I love it

#14.This won't take long

#15. Don't swallow your chewing gum it will take 7 years to digest

#16. No, it won't hurt

#17. Don't swim for an hour after eating

#18. If you make that face again, your face will freeze that way

#19. Your fish/hamster went to live with their friends in the ocean/hamster farm

#20. Runner beans make you run faster

#21. I'd love you to go and play with X (child) but their mummy said no/works

#22. It would be great if we could visit X tomorrow but they're gone away on holidays

#23. I asked Mummy/Daddy about this before but she/he said no (when you know they'll have forgotten the request by the time the other parent gets home)

#24. The music on the ice cream van only plays when they've run out of ice cream

#25. The machine is broken (about those ride on things that you see in every shopping centre)

#26. It's such a pity I'm allergic to cat/dog/hamster/animal hair/fur (as an excuse for not getting a pet)

#27. Stop running in the supermarket – the manager is watching you

#28. If you don't brush your teeth they will fall out like grandad's!

#29. If you keep digging in your nose like that, your finger will fall off

#30. If you eat crusts, your hair will get curly/straight, depending on preference. 

#31. Eat your carrots, they are good for your eyes.  Ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?

#32. No, we are all out of batteries

#33. Yes this selection of dried fruit really are jellies

Have you found yourself telling a lie to your child (for their own good of course)? Share it with us in the comments below

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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Jill is one of the co-founders of Mykidstime and a mum of 2 girls

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