5 Proven Tips For Teens To Help Secure A Summer Job

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From babysitting to office work, getting a summer job is a real boost for any teen. It builds confidence, friendships, maturity, bank balance and gives a wealth of experience for future employment. SavvyTeenAcademy share their 5 Proven Tips For Teens To Help Secure A Summer Job.

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#1. Ask For Your Summer Job Yourself

It is okay to get the extended family involved in securing your first summer job as Mum/Dad/Grandparents/Aunts and Uncles all have an endless list of great contacts. But when it comes to actually asking for the job, you should do the asking yourself.

Your potential employer will respect that you may be nervous but would much rather hear from the person looking for the summer job, than hear from a family member. It shows you are interested and keen, and are not being pushed into filling in the time before you go back to school!

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#2. Present a CV to Potential Employers

Even if this is just a summer job, you should give your CV to any potential employers. Perhaps you think you have nothing to put on a CV? Well you’re wrong, you have done research for school project work, are competent on a computer and phone, played as part of a team, cleaned, cooked and babysat.

These skills and experience are all relevant to a potential employer, and they will admire you for making the effort to produce a CV rather than turning up empty handed

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#3.  Create a Cover Letter for Each Summer Job

Once the CV has been created, work on your cover letter. Each summer job you apply for should have it’s own tailored cover letter.

Include details like:

  • The work you are interested in.
  • The hours you can work.
  • The skills you can bring to the job.
  • Why you want that job e.g. it may tie in with your favourite subjects at school, or you may be thinking of studying this type of work in college.


#4. Reassure Your Potential Employer

Reassure your potential employer that you are punctual by turning up on time for your interview. Ask questions and listen to their answers. This will give them the confidence that you are willing to learn and take instructions.

If you do get the job, it may not be the role you dreamed of, but take on every reasonable task and do it to the best of your ability. Know when to give your opinion and when to just get on with the task you have been asked to do. And when asked for your opinion, be sure to speak up!

Summer Job for Teens

#5. Keep Busy

Keep your mobile phone for lunch breaks and when you finish the task asked of you, check back to see what needs doing next. From tidying, to getting files in order, to offering to make coffee, there is always something to do.


Is your teen looking for a summer job this year? Let us know in the comments box below. 

5 Proven Tips For Teens To Help Secure A Summer Job

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