5 Reasons Children Need Chiropractors

Jennifer Buttner


February 1, 2013

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Does your child get sick often? Have you wondered how Chiropractors can treat childhood remedies? Dr. Benjamin Martin of Optimal Chiropractic, outlines 5 Reasons Children Need Chiropractors.

Childhood Illnesses

Children by nature are prone to accidents and subjected to illnesses. Their bodies are adjusting to new infections and attacks, and learning to build a natural immunity. It’s all part of the growing up process.

If a child is healthy, their body can combat all of these potential infections, however, if their immune system is in any way compromised, they can be susceptible to getting sick and becoming ill.

There are numerous remedies that can be purchased over the counter which may sometimes help speed up the recovery process, but they fail to help the body fight the attack itself. For parents, these options become a repetitive purchase and a dependency for the child. Often it is the same children that seem to always get sick while the rest of the kids around them seem to be healthy.

How The Chiropractor can Help :

opt-chiro-ben-girlIt might interest you to know that many of the most common child health complaints can be helped and potentially prevented by Chiropractors.

Chiropractors specialise in detecting subluxations (misalignments) in the spine, then correct these using either gentle hands on techniques or low force instruments. These subluxations reduce the signal from the brain down the nerves to the various organs of the body, therefore stopping the body working at its full potential. Correcting these subluxations, allows the body to heal itself again.

1.Minor falls

Children fall over 2500 times before the age of three! The stage from crawling to walking means plenty of falls until they get the hang of it.

A Chiropractor detects any spinal or pelvic deviations that may occur due to these repetitive falls and corrects them with gentle adjustments. By correcting a problem from a young age, you prevent a potential issues such as arthritis in the future. Think of a car tyre that is out of balance. If you keep driving, that tyre will wear faster than it should; just like a joint in our spine if left out of balance.

2. Colic/Poor Sleep Patterns/Poor Feeding Patterns

Excessive toddler tears can be attributed to Colic. This painful illness is a spasm inside the stomach and usually occurs in the evening and at night. It can begin as early as three weeks old and carry on until the age of three.

To treat Colic, a Chiropractor analyses the alignment of the spine, in particular the areas of the spine that correspond to digestive function. Every vertebra has a pair of nerves exiting from between them. These nerves send signals to all the organs of the body, and if there is impigement in these areas, symptoms such as colic may result.

Similarly, if a child is not sleeping or feeding properly, this may be a result of poor nervous system function.

3. Allergies and Asthma

Allergies can often start to occur while the child is a toddler however some children may start to develop lung probems as young as 3 months of age. Luckily, these often fade during adolescence. Many parents do not like putting their children on medication at such a young age so Chiropractic is a drug free alternative to aid these problems.

To assist with allergies and asthma, a Chiropractor will specifically check and correct the upper thoracic spine. Nerve interference in this area can lead to poor supply to the lungs thus reducing the immune system function to this area, which can leave the child open to infection.


Overly heavy backpacks cause stress along the spine which strains the back. We see this mainly during middle school and secondary school ages, as kids carry heavier and heavier loads. This is a key growth stage and long-term strain can cause long-term damage.

The weight of a backpack should never be more than 15% of the childs entire body weight. Chiropractors can help to make sure that your childs backpack fits them properly. Always go for a bag with two shoulder straps and encourage your child to make sure they are wearing them correctly. If pain occurs, call a Chiropractor to correct any subluxations that may have been caused by improper use of the bags.

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5.Ear Infections

Ear infections are not only painful, but can affect orientation as the ears regulate balance. They also tend to cause dizziness and headaches. Those suffering become sensitive to sharp noises and harsh wind conditions.

To treat ear infections, a Chiropractor specifically checks the top two bones in your spine. The nerves exiting ths area specifically supply your eyes, ears and sinuses. Within that top bone of your neck lies the brainstem which will also affect your balance.

About Dr Ben

Dr Benjamin Martin found his passion for Chiropracti, when as a teen he suffered a personal rugby injury. His Chiropractor eased the pain and helped him through rehabilitation to allow him to play again. After studying Chiropractic in Sydney, he moved to Ireland in 2002 and began his career as a Chiropractic himself.

Since then he has worked with patients across Ireland, opened his own clinic in Ballincollig, Youghal and Midleton and has donated thousands to various charities such as The Special Olympics and Make a Wish Foundation. He now works from Optimal Chiropractic, based in Ballincollig, Cork

Contact Details : Phone 021 487 8465.

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