8 Not-to-Be-Missed Newborn Tips for Dads

Jill Holtz

June 12, 2018

newborn tips for dads

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Amazing, exciting, scary and exhausting – parenthood is a trip unlike any other! We know that Irish dads are already super hands-on, and for Father’s Day (Sunday 17th June), WaterWipes asked dads for their top tips to make things a little bit easier as you embark on this incredible new adventure. Here are 8 Not To Be Missed Newborn Tips for Dads:

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Newborn Tips for Dads

#1. Time Together

Paternity leave has changed things so much for the better. Your partner will need time, your newborn will need time, you’ll need time! This time together at the beginning is important for you all.

#2. There are Nappies, and There Are Lots of Them

There is simply no getting away from changing nappies. It is unavoidable, and is the one job that definitely needs to be shared. Sharing is caring and practice makes perfect… One dad admitted to practising on a baby doll to get his technique down.

#3. Be Handy Around the House

Nobody, well very few people, enjoys housework but it needs to get done. Helping out on the day-to-day activities will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

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#4. Pulling All Nighters

New baby and parents lying on a bed

Not necessarily all night, but taking it in turns to get up, or taking alternative nights, whether it be to simply sit by the cot until your newborn settles or changing a soiled nappy, it is important for your partner to know you are there, you might not be able to help breastfeed but you can certainly help in other ways.


#5. Play and Storytime

It’s bonding time for both you and baby and the stimulation is important for your little one’s development. It’s also fun and very pleasant time together, what’s not to like?

#6. Ask for Help

If you are worried or stressing over something there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether that be from your family or your partner, it’s true that a problem shared is a problem halved, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#7. Take Time Out

This applies to you and to your partner, make sure you are both getting some time to yourselves. Something as simple as time for a shower and to grab a cup of tea solo will help to keep you (both) sane.

#8. Enjoy It!

What an amazing and exciting time in your life. It may well be terrifying and tiring in parts, but you’re doing great and look at that end result!

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The Active Role That Dads Play in Parenting

baby names

Research* commissioned by WaterWipes to mark Fathers’ Day confirms that Irish dads are more than capable and that they play an active role in parenting from the day their baby is born.

  • While dads had no big concerns when it came to caring for their babies, more than four in 10 (43%) were anxious to learn what their baby’s different cries meant and how to stop the tears.
  • Ensuring baby was sleeping in the right position was a worry for one in five (21%) dads.
  • Only one in eight dads admitted finding nappies difficult to master, with over half saying they didn’t have any problems with nappies at all.
  • Not surprisingly most dads agreed that mums were mainly responsible for night feeds yet there was a clear 50 / 50 split when it comes to putting the baby down to sleep in the evening, highlighting how keen they are to get involved.
  • 60% of fathers say that they regularly read stories to their babies – even from their first day at home.
  • Almost nine in ten (85%) dads also set regular time aside just to play and laugh with their babies with most saying that watching them grow, change and develop is their favourite activity to do.
  • More than a quarter (28%) admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the level of advice available.

* The research was conducted by Empathy via an online survey of 500 parents in Ireland during late May/early June 2018.

WaterWipes was created by a concerned father looking for a better baby wipe after discovering his newborn suffered from diaper rash and sensitive skin.

8 Not To Be Missed Newborn Tips for Dads

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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