9 Ways to Prevent The Summer Slide for Your Child

summer slide

Unfortunately, it appears that to be competitive in today’s economic environment, our kids will have to run twice as fast as we had to when we were their age. This includes continuous learning even when school is out for the summer. Want a little help, over the summer holidays, to get a head start on for the next school year? Here are 9 Ways to Prevent The Summer Slide for Your Child:

As parents, we can help. Here are 9 things that you can do this summer to ensure that your kids hit the ground running when the new school year starts:

#1. Educational Board Games

rummikubBoard games offer many benefits for children including lessons such as strategy and fair play. Some games take education even further by providing opportunities to learn important skills such as reading and math.

Scholastic identified a number of these educational board games that are good for summer fun and learning.

We love Rummikub in our house, it teaches kids to add up and to know their numbers and number combinations really well

#2. Plant a Garden

Grow Your OwnGardens are a wonderful way to teach children about the plant life-cycle.

Kids that actively engage in nurturing a garden also learn responsibility and the pride of seeing a tiny seed grow into something that can be consumed or shared with others.

You might enjoy Making Gardening for Kids Fun

#3. Word Play

scrabbleAnother way to stop the summer slide is to help kids expand their vocabulary. This can be easily done by hanging a new word on the refrigerator and then keeping tracking of who uses it the most in a week.

You could also run a Family Spelling Bee competition every week for a bit of fun and word practice.
Or how about a regular game of Scrabble together?

#3. Sign up for Reading Programs

boyreadingThere are a number of different companies that are offering various rewards to children that join their summer reading program.

For a few ideas, click here.

#4. Take a Virtual Field Trip

polarbearsOne of the benefits of the internet is the ability to explore the world…from the computer.

Possible virtual field trips include the Arctic, a Hershey’s chocolate factory, and the Louvre.

#5. Do it Yourself Projects

young-girl-taking-photo-outdoors-forest-31578571Kids generally have an abundance of free time during the summer. One way to fill that time is to engage children in interesting projects that they can make themselves.

There is a growing Do It Yourself (DIY) movement focused on kids and includes interesting projects like learning to code and remixing music videos.

How about making a Stop-Motion Movie?

#6. Engage in Math Logic Puzzles

sudokuWho doesn’t love a challenge? Games like Sudoku or logic puzzles can keep kids engaged while practicing important math skills.

Not sure where to begin? Here is a link to Ken Ken, a set of challenging math puzzles designed for junior high and high school students.

#7. Download an Educational App

geodashApps aren’t just for mindless entertainment anymore.There are apps that can help kids learn everything from geography to others language.

Here are Educational Apps for kids aged 8-12 and Science Apps recommended by parents.

#8. Start a Business

lemonadeLemonade stands are always an option, but there are many ways for kids to experiment with entrepreneurship over the summer.

They could even use the internet to start their own online business. It is never to early to begin to think about the benefits of entrepreneurship.

#9. Sign Up for Brain Chase

brain chaseBy combining a worldwide treasure hunt with an online learning challenge, Brain Chase is one of the best ways to combat the summer slide.

Brain Chase is a 5-week online summer learning challenge disguised as a massive global treasure hunt that does all of that and more. It’s open to residents of USA, Ireland, UK, Mexico & Canada (with some restrictions*).

Participants in grades 2-8 will have the opportunity to practice critical reading, math and writing for a minimum of an hour each day, five days a week. Completing these assignments unlocks animated webisodes, and in the websidoes are disguised clues to the location of the real-life buried treasure. The hunt begins on June 22nd – so sign up soon!

Sunstone2015 The 2015 Brain Chase challenge is to find the Sunstone of Cortés, a mysterious calendar stolen from the Aztec empire by Hernan Cortés in the 1500s. Kids join Mae Merriweather, her brother Max, athletic Sean Drake, and nemesis-turned-ally Savannah Bryce in finding the fictional Sunstone of Cortés… and the real one!

For $199 (or $149 early pricing before April 30, and $100 for siblings), Brain Chasers receive:

  • 5 weeks of personalized learning challenges on external math and reading sites like Rosetta Stone, Khan Academy and Google Books
  • Weekly writing exercises with feedback from credentialed teaching professionals (optional)
  • Weekly language assignments in the language of your choice (optional)
  • Weekly progress reports emailed directly to parents
  • Exclusive access to an original animated adventure series loaded with hidden adventureitems2015 cropapuzzles and clues
  • 3 adventure tools mailed to your home separately during the 5-week course (shown here)
  • Participation in a massive global treasure hunt for a golden trophy containing the key to a safe deposit box holding a $10,000 scholarship

Over to you now. What’s your best tip for stopping the summer slide? Share it with us in he comments below.

*Restrictions: The treasure hunt is open to children who are legal U.S. residents of 48 United States and the District of Columbia (excluding U.S. territories, Colorado, and Maryland due to state laws), or residents of Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Canada (excluding Quebec). Students younger than six or older than sixteen as of June 22, 2015 are ineligible to claim the treasure. Learning is the real treasure. Individuals subject to any of these restrictions may still participate in the summer learning challenge, and will still be recognized on our site (and maybe more) if they correctly identify the treasure’s location.

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