Survival Guide for Teenagers: How to Live and Deal with Parents

Jill Holtz

August 1, 2012

teen and mother

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We asked teens to send in their thoughts on teenagers living with parents and Katie from Clare shares her thoughts in her simple survival guide on how to live and deal with parents!

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What you are about to read is a simple survival guide on how to live and deal with parents. Parents are very useful beings in some situations but they can also be quite the opposite in more!

How to Live with Your Parents

Remind your parents you will be safe

For example, if you want to go somewhere you need your parents as a mode of transport but on the other hand you also need their permission which can often be denied! In times like this, remind your parents of all the bonuses and tell them that you will be safe and that no harm can come upon you. Trust me, for some strange reason they like to hear this and it is a great form of persuasion!

Asking permission

Parents can be extremely annoying at times, like when they give you lectures for doing such and such a thing and when they won’t let you go somewhere you are dying to go to. For example, the upcoming disco that ALL your friends are going to. You dread asking them, knowing that the answer will be most likely No! Just try and put this thought out of your mind and don’t even bother asking them continuously as this annoys them about the matter even more and you will end up never going to disco at all!

The long summer holidays & chores

Another thing i don’t particularly like about parents is that when you get your three month long Summer Holidays in the month of June from school, you think that you can spend all that time in bed or on the laptop or watching TV, but parents then butt in and spoil your plans. They give you a list of jobs to be completed while they are gone to work. My Mam gets excited at the idea that i will have all the work completed  by the time she comes home. This is actually quite funny in my eyes as I have no notion of meeting these expectations of hers! But don’t complain when you are given tasks as this only determines parents to give you even more!

Remind them you can be independent

Lastly if your parents won’t allow you go somewhere, for example, a walk or a cycle with your friends, just remind them that you are now a teenager and that you have become more mature and independent. Don’t shout at them or accuse them of treating you like a baby as this will turn them off the idea completely.

I hope you enjoyed my article and that this guide inspires some of you children that are about to enter their teenage years. The very best of luck dealing with your annoying parents!

Sent in by Katie O’C from Clare

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