The Basic Essentials You Should Know About Baby First Aid


Every parent’s worst nightmare is something bad happening to their baby. But if your baby is injured or unconscious, how confident are you in your ability to deal with the situation? This clever infographic outlines The Basic Essentials You Should Know About Baby First Aid. 

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It’s a scary situation to have to face, and we hope you never have to, but if your young baby starts to choke, is unconscious, or gets cut or scalded even, how prepared are you in dealing with it?

It’s essential that parents know some basic baby first aid, so that they can respond quickly, with some knowledge and confidence.

Wooden Toy Shop have put together this clever infographic for parents to help them learn the basics of First Aid for Babies, so you can be that little bit more prepared should you need it.

Essential viewing for all parents, we think.

Helping Your Child Develop Through Play
Source: First Aid for Babies by Wooden Toy Shop

Of course, this is no substitute for an actual first aid course, so here are some useful resources:

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Over to you! Do you feel confident in your ability to do baby first aid? Let us know in the comments below.

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