[WATCH]: Dad Shares His Proven Methods For Putting Baby To Sleep


As any parent can testify, putting your little ones to sleep can often be one heck of a¬†struggle. You’re tired, they’re tired, and you want nothing more than to pop them into their cot/bed, kiss them goodnight and vacate the bedroom speedily. Fear not – How To Dad shares his proven methods for putting baby to sleep ūüôā

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We’re big fans of “DIY parenting expert” How To Dad here at Mykidstime, and his instructional, witty videos on the many aspects and challenges¬†of parenting.

In this video, he’s got all the great tried and tested methods of getting your little ones to sleep, from hopping into the cot to activating the¬†shush train. Just be sure to not stand on any squeaky toys when exiting the room! What’s not to love?!

Over to you! Have you any further tips you can add? Share them in the comments below.

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