Don’t Miss These Nifty Parenting Hacks For An Easier Life

Jill Holtz

February 9, 2015


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Every parent we know is super busy and time-poor. Between working, cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids and family, there’s not often a lot of time left. So, anything that can really save us time, and perhaps even buy us some extra “me-time” can only be good, right? Don’t miss these nifty parenting hacks for an easier life!


#1. Easy Shoe Tip

Put a sticker that is cut in half in your young child’s shoes. This way they can put their shoes on the correct foot by themselves.


#2. Safety Sticker On Your Car

Put a “safety spot” sticker on your car to ensure an older child doesn’t wander off while you load or unload the car.

car hacks

#3. Non Drip Ice Pack

A frozen, saturated sponge in a ziploc bag makes an ice pack that won’t drip all over when it melts


#4. Jigsaw storage

Store smaller jigsaw puzzles in pencil cases rather than their cardboard boxes which end up breaking up.


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#5. A Lint Roller Will Pick up Glitter

Use a lint roller to pick up spilled glitter.


#6. Lego + Lunchbox = Fun on the Go

For on the go building

car hacks

#7. Use Shoe Storage for Smaller Toys

This parent has used a shoe organiser hanging on the back of the bedroom door to hold action figures and small toys.


#8. Stop Apples Going Brown

Keep a cut apple from going brown by wrapping a rubber band around the cut apple


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#9. Use WD40 to Remove Crayon Marks

Has your child scribbled on walls with crayon? Use WD40 to remove the crayon easily.

#10. Use a Timer to Make Tidy Up Time Quick & Fun

Need to encourage your kids to tidy up the playroom? Set a timer and see if they can beat it!

egg timer


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Like this? Share it with your network!

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