Heading the Ball Now Banned for Under 10s Kids Soccer in US

Jennifer Buttner


November 11, 2015

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Heading the ball is now banned for under 10’s playing kids soccer in the United States, following a federal court ruling.

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Have Your Say

What do you think about this ruling? Is it too extreme or would you like to see more being done to prevent concussions and head injuries in soccer?

[interaction id=”56433ed43eaa7f1434fb91ed”] Personally, as Mum to an almost 10 year old, it has made me think twice about this – I welcome this ruling, and would like to see this extended to underage soccer playing beyond the United States.

The Details

In resolving a class-action lawsuit regarding the large number of concussions in the sport, the U.S. Soccer Federation(USSF) has issued new guidelines either banning or limiting players heading the ball depending on their age.

Kids aged 10 and under have been banned from heading the ball during soccer games, and there will also be a limit to the number of times 11 to 13 year olds can head the ball during a game.

Soccer joined the growing legal debate over head injuries, after FIFA and some of the sport’s governing bodies in the United States were made the target of a lawsuit seeking new safety rules, by a group of soccer parents and players last year.

Steve Berman, lead counsel for the plaintiffs, said the new safety measures met the objectives of the case, which would now be dropped.

“We are pleased that we were able to play a role in improving the safety of the sport for soccer-playing children in this country,” he said.

US soccer has confirmed the new rule changes.

As part of the resolution, the USSF has developed an extensive program to improve concussion awareness and education amongst youth coaches, referees, parents and players.

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Over to you! Do you think the ruling is right, and if it should be extended beyond the US? Let us know in the comments below.


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