I Might Never Have Met You – Miscarriage and Miracles

Jennifer Buttner


April 21, 2015

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Have you experienced miscarriage or worried about it? In this touching post, Eimear of Chirps from a Little Red Hen tells her story, I Might Never Have Met You – Miscarriage and Miracles.

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Bathing my daughter this evening. I thought how lucky I am that I have two beautiful healthy children. But I couldn’t help thinking either, that we may never have known my baby daughter

Trying to conceive can be a long journey and when my husband and I spoke about having a family, we always said if we were blessed it would be lovely to have two children.

Our journey to parenthood began when we saw that “Big Fat Positive” in November 2010. After nearly two years the word “Pregnant” brought both happiness and worry. While this was something we had planned, we couldn’t help but worry that all would be ok.

pregnant_infieldThankfully I’d a “book perfect” pregnancy and we welcomed our son in 2011. Seeing him for the first time was the most amazing experience, and I couldn’t wait to cuddle him. Over the months I enjoyed lots of cuddles and laughter.

When he was 13 months the question arose “Will we try again?” and not long after we received another positive. For some reason there wasn’t the same happiness or worry and we put it down to second time around.

The night before my 12 week check I noticed a light bleed. I tried not to worry as I’d read this can happen. I spoke with the midwife and because my scan was booked for the next morning, and I had no further bleeding she said to wait.

The next morning before our appointment I noticed some more bleeding. I rang the hospital and they said to go to my appointment, as booked, in the Clinic, as I would be there quicker than into the hospital.

On the drive in both my husband and I knew, it wasn’t going to be good news. The sonographer was amazing and she checked and re-checked but I knew looking at the image this little baby was not to be.

We had what is called a Missed Miscarriage with the baby measuring 8+4 weeks and I was 11+6. After having this confirmed in the hospital later that morning we discussed our options at length and I was booked for a D&C the next day.

Like all surgeries I was nervous but strangely comforted too, as I was in the same theatre where our son was born. When I awoke from the surgery and while chatting with the theatre nurse, she said with a smile “she’d see me in nine months”, and in my nervous positivity, I said with a wink, “give me a year!”

Little did I know how true those words would become!

newborn-606298_640Our daughter was breech and was born via C-section and at her birth the same theatre nurse was there. She had that same smile and I was delighted to tell her the story.

A year to the day of my D&C we brought our daughter home.

I feel truly blessed to have fallen pregnant three times. On a daily basis I’ve laughter and joy with my children and I know their little Angel, is watching over them.

This post is by Blogger Eimear Kelly, Mum of 2, who shares her “clucks and downs” of being a stay at home Mum, beauty tips, and lots more on her blog Chirps from a Little Red Hen. You can also follow Eimear on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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Over to you! Would love to hear your thought/feedback in comments below.

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