I Think My Child is Being Bullied at School, What Should I Do?

Jill Holtz

August 16, 2012

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Are you worried that your child is being bullied at school? Sheila O’Malley from Practical Parenting gives some tips for parents:

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Q: I think my child is being bullied at school, what should I do?

A: Here’s what I recommend:

#1. Tell them it’s not their fault

The bully is the one with the problem; usually lacking in self esteem. It’s important that you tell your child it is not their fault.

#2. Teach them tactics to make them feel more empowered

Teach your child some tactics to deal with the bully. For example, how to answer back sharply or laugh at the bully’s comment or even ignore them.

#3. Encourage your child to feel confident around the bully

Tell him to act as confident as possible round the bully. For example, to face the bully & tell him to stop. To try to stay calm as the bully moves away.

Harassment#4. Inform the school

You must inform your child’s teacher; principal and Board of Management if necessary. Check what the school’s anti-bullying policy is and what procedures they have in place to deal with the bullying.

#5. Keep a record of incidents

This is important, keeping a record of incidents helps when informing the school, to show that it is not an isolated incident.

#6. Remind your child that you’re on their side

Don’t forget to remind your child that you love her and that you’re 100% on her side.

#7. Encourage your child to do something they’re good at

This can help build their confidence.

#8. Stay in touch till situation resolved

Keep in touch with what’s happening, particularly with the school, to make sure the situation is resolved.

Answer provided by Sheila O’Malley from Practical Parenting

Do you have tips for other parents on handling their child being bullied at school? Share them with us in the comments below.

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